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Covering resume templates, job application letter samples, interview questions & tips, resume writing tips, how to ask for a pay raise, online distance education, online courses, highest paying jobs, certification tests,  job search tips, salary negotiation example, job promotion, sample job application letter, advance your career,  sample thank you letter, the hidden job market, action verbs, sample cover letter email, cold calling, opportunities, work from home, Ask Us via any job search or career related question and  job & career Frequently Asked Questions & Answers... etc.  


The Hidden Job Market 

This refers to jobs that are not usually advertised through traditional methods. The hidden job market covers 60-80% of all jobs available. Your chances of succeeding in finding the right job are much higher when exploring the hidden job market, as there is hardly any competition. Even jobs that are usually advertised can be filled before being advertised, through cold calling or networking.


What is your expected salary?

This is a very common question that is usually asked in job applications & at job interviews. Be prepared. This is how you should answer.


Highest Paying Jobs 

While many high paying jobs require University degrees, others only require certification, training & experience


Job search techniques

The better you plan your job search, the quicker your will secure a job. A successful  job search requires planning and preparation. During your job search, apply for jobs through all job search methods. Do not rely on only one method to conduct your job search. Treat your job search like a full time job.


Advance your career

In order to advance your career you need to take additional steps, in addition to doing well in your normal day to day tasks & responsibilities at work. By advancing your career you ensure a more rewarding career, more pay & a better future.


Online distance education & online courses

Through online distance education, online courses, correspondence or continuing education, you have more opportunities for career advancement through development courses & degree programs. Most distance education courses are offered online and can be started almost anytime of the year.


CV sample format

Easy to follow, free CV sample format to help you create your own CV. We focus more on the presentation and content of the CV than on the CV format. Your CV must be well written & well presented. 



Certification tests

Advance your career by taking certification tests. Also, certification tests are needed to qualify for admission to some college & university programs or to qualify for certain jobs. 



If you can't find what you are looking for.


To inquire about any of our services, please call 0417 063 668 or email us on

KMD-Solutions: Featured "Website of the Month" at the West Virginia University website

KMD-Solutions provides comprehensive job search information, tips & advice. Whether you are a student, recent graduate, electrician, engineer, teacher, secretary, accountant, sales representative, technician, supervisor, lawyer, manager, tech job seeker, executive, director,  health care or IT professional, our tips will help you in applying for jobs and in your job search in general. You will be ahead of other job applicants.

CV registration online allows recruiters & employers to access your CV. You can register your CV online on hundreds of sites. Start registering your CV with the larger websites to get as much exposure as possible. 

Jobs & careers by industry  It is very important to explore your job & career options. There are many different jobs & careers across different industries. There are different jobs & careers in the accounting, advertising, banking, computers, consulting, engineering, entertainment, food, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, IT, journalism, laser cutting & manufacturing

Job, career & salary FAQ & A Frequently asked questions & answers relating to you progressing in your career and job search, such as CV/  resume writing, job application letter writing, resume posting online, resume sample format, job application forms, exploring and tapping into the hidden job market, interview questions, distance education, certification tests, advancing your career, follow up techniques, job references, retrenchment/ redundancy, how to get a pay rise, pay raise, salary increase request, job promotion, salary negotiation and accepting or rejecting a new job offer. You can browse, ask or comment on an answer that's posted. 

Job Search Mistakes


Follow Up Tips 


We continuously update the information on this site. 


Through online distance education, correspondence or continuing education, you have more opportunities for career advancement through development courses & degree programs..... read the full article.


Coming soon we will be adding job applications by telephone, job application sample, redundancy, starting your own business, how to negotiate a new job offer salary, accepting or rejecting a new job offer, online letter example,  job application form tips, salary packaging tips, sample salary negotiation letter,  sample pay raise letter, different sample formats, home based businesses, email sample formats, job search forum.. etc.


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