12 Job interview mistakes to avoid, to increase your chances of getting that job offer. When a job interview doesn’t produce a job offer:

  • Poor personal appearance
  • Lack of focus. Be clear about what you want & what you don’t want
  • Appearing too eager, too desperate or too anxious. Listen 75% of the time & talk 25% of the time
  • Poor references. Always contact your references before you attend interviews & if you are not sure of what they will say, ask them. It’s also a good idea to give your references a copy of your resume
  • Poor attitude. Don’t be arrogant
  • Very high salary expectations
  • Lack of common sense
  • Qualified, but not the most suitable for the job
  • Lack of potential
  • Late arrival to the job interview
  • Inflexibility
  • Bad behavior
  • Insincerity
  • Not being self motivated

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