Advance your career through training, RPL, education and certification. By advancing your career, you ensure a more rewarding career & a more secure future. You need to take additional steps in addition to doing well in your day to day responsibilities at work.


Tips to advance your career:


  • You need to have a plan for short, medium & long term objectives. The better you plan and the better you execute the plan, the better your chances of advancing your career will be.
  • One of the best ways to advance your career is through additional training & by taking additional courses, short courses, seminars, certification tests and possibly a certificate, diploma or degree. Through additional training & additional education you update your skills and your knowledge. This enhances your resume. Sometimes this helps with getting a higher salary.
  • Review your progress with yourself and also with your manager on a regular basis. Every three months is a good guide.
  • Another way to advance your career, if you can’t attend classes, is to study by distance education/ correspondence. Make sure the online distance education program that you choose is accredited for the field of study that you seek.
  • Certification tests are sometimes necessary for securing a job overseas.
  • Keep in mind that many companies will pay for additional training & additional education provided you obtain approval in advance & you obtain a certain grade. 
  • Always have an up to date resume, cover letter & practice job search techniques such as interviewing… etc.
  • Explore all the possibilities with your current employer. Talk to your manager & talk to other managers. Make sure everyone knows you are interested in more responsibilities, advancement & promotion. You need to raise your hand to get noticed.
  • Your network is as important as your career. Build and maintain your contact network. Maintain contact by having coffee or lunch with one of your contacts at least once a month.
  • Always keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities.
  • Start planning your next move as soon as you realize that you have a dead end job. Of course things may change with time or your boss might get fired or may resign, but you can’t count on that.
  • You may decide to make a career change at any time. Just be sure to do a thorough research first.
  • If you decide to start your own business, research the competition, the finances & know the risks involved before starting.
  • Always know what you are worth in the job market.
  • Possibly consider relocating if it will help advance your career.
  • There are also different sectors within many industries, like engineering & manufacturing.
  • There are programs such as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), that could assist some.


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