To follow are application letter tips. An application letter is your introduction to potential employers. Make your application letter simple & clear. Check the spelling & grammar in your application letter. Keep a copy of each application letter that you send. 

Application Letter Tips

  • It is important to outline in your application letter how your experience matches the job that you are applying to.
  • In the first paragraph of your application letter, explain why you are writing the letter.
  • In the second paragraph of your application letter, explain what you have to offer to the company. This will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • In the last paragraph of your application letter, conclude with the expectation to have a meeting or interview.
  • Always write about your achievements.
  • Customize each application letter for the position and company you are applying to. Also see simple application letterwhich can be used as a general guide. You can prepare a general application letter, similar to the simple application letter sample, then edit the simple application letter for each specific job.
  • Check job application closing dates and always apply early.
  • An application letter should be a brief and simple one page letter.
  • Address each application letter to a specific person.
  • Don’t mention negative aspects of yourself or your history.
  • You can prepare a general application letter, which must be edited for each specific job.

In addition to the above application letter tips, also have have a look at letter of application example.

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