Cover letter sample format for Childcare Worker positions to follow. The cover letter sample format can be used for all Childcare Worker roles. Send a cover letter whether you are applying directly in response to advertisements and if you are networking or cold calling.   

  • Address each cover letter to a specific person.
  • You can prepare a general job cover letter, similar to the cover letter sample format below, then edit the contact details for each specific organisation and the keywords for each each specific application.

Cover letter sample format for a Childcare Worker:

Your name
Phone number

Email address

27th July, 2017

ABC Childcare


Dear Lisa:

I am writing to inquire about possible Childcare Worker openings within your organisation. I am attaching my resume for your review.

In this section of your Childcare Worker cover letter sample format briefly highlight skills and expertise that make you stand out.”

I have many years of experience as a Childcare Worker. I have held the positions of Childcare Worker & Assistant. I have a positive can do attitude & I work well under pressure.

I am available to meet with you at a time that’s convenient to you. I will call you in 3 days to set up a time.


your signature (not needed when sending via email or for an online job cover letter sample format)

Your name

Your contact phone number

The above Childcare Worker cover letter sample format is simply a general sample format and you should write a personalized cover letter for each Childcare Worker job application.

We’ll be adding more job cover letter sample formats/ templates/ examples shortly.

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