Using CV action verbs & action phrases in your CV, cover letters and job applications is highly effective to emphasize your strengths and qualifications. 


Popular career, job search, pay & salary frequently asked questions & answers(FAQs).

  • Make sure the phrases and statements you use are specific and are used appropriately.
  • Never use pronouns such as “I”  to identify yourself.
  • Replace sentences starting with the pronoun “I” with action verbs and phrases. For example, instead of ” I supervised 15 employees”, you’d state “supervised a team of 15”.
  • Where possible, try to quantify the accomplishment by including numerical figures, such as monetary budgets/ funds saved, time periods/ efficiency improved, % saved… etc.
  • While we recommend using plenty of action verbs and phrases in your CV, cover letters and job applications, we also recommend using them reasonably so you are can justify any statements that you include.
  • In your CV, cover letter or job application form, use action verbs and phrases to match the requirements of the job you are applying for.
  • In general, a recruiter or employer is looking for someone not only with the technical or “specific” skills to do the specific job advertised but someone with transferable skills as well. These skills are transferable from one work environment to another and are often what you bring with you as an asset to an organization. When used appropriately, action verbs and phrases effectively describe your transferable skills.

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