Editing & proofreading ensures your document has no grammar, spelling or structural mistakes. We can help you with editing & proofreading; web sites, resumes, CVs (Curriculum Vitae), cover letters, thank you letters, job application email sample, business letters, memos, reports, contracts, technical writing, presentations and application forms. 

Even though spelling errors and typos can be fatal to a candidate’s employment chances, you’d be surprised at the number of job application emails that contain “attached is my resamay, resumay or resima” or “as detailed in my resimay, resamay or resumay” instead of resume.

To use any of our services, please email us at info@kmd-solutions.com for a free review. Very reasonable rates. 

While we don’t offer free proofreading services, we do have free editing & proofreading tips. Our editing & proofreading service is also helpful to (but not limited to) anyone who speaks and writes English as a Second Language- ESL.

To proceed with our editing & proofreading services:

  1. Simply send us the written information that you need edited and proofread.
  2. We will review your document and email you a quote.
  3. Once we receive payment we will prepare a draft.
  4. We will email you the draft for your review, so you can make any modifications.
  5. Once we receive your changes (if any), we will finalize and send you a final copy. If after you receive our final copy, you still wish to make minor changes, we will do so free of charge (within 30 days of us sending you the final copy).

Our charges will depend on the amount of time that we need to spend on editing & proofreading your document.

To use any of our services, please email us at info@kmd-solutions.com.

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Please let us know of the urgency of your request and how soon you need it. 

We will do our best to meet your deadline, but will first review current work load & then confirm the earliest date that we can complete by.