Highest paying jobs can be electricians, IT, surgeons, trades, diesel mechanics … etc. Some highest paying jobs don’t require a degree, while other high paying jobs do require a degree.

  • Obviously the highest paying jobs change from time to time. For example, a few years ago jobs in IT were the highest paying jobs in Australia.
  • The highest paying jobs depend on the field and the location. Some of the highest paying jobs in Australia are currently in the mining industry in Western Australia & Queensland.
  • The construction industry is also where many highest paying jobs in Australia are, specially in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Currently a Sydney electrician is a highly paid job.
  • In general, highest paying jobs requiring a degree are in the medical field, such as surgeons & anesthesiologists. yet they vary from one location to another.
  • While many high paying jobs require University degrees, such as surgeons & anesthesiologists, others only require certification, training & experience, electricians, diesel mechanics, trades in the Australian mining industry in Western Australia & Queensland. Another benefit of these FIFO mining jobs is they offer free food & accommodation while at work at the mine.
  • Even unskilled jobs in the Australian mining industry in Queensland & Western Australia usually pay considerably higher than those in other areas & in other industries. This is because many of these are in remote areas and are FIFO fly in fly out jobs. The further away from the big cities, the higher the pay.
  • Also, jobs in the oil and gas industry usually are high paying jobs.
  • Sharemarket trading, currency trading & foreign exchange trading can be high paying, but most of these can be very risky.
  • While in one country the highest paying jobs may be in banking, finance & accounting, in another country that’s growing the highest paying could be in infrastructure, building & construction.
  • Other highest paying are podiatrists, marketing managers, sales managers & lawyers.

So jobs in the mining & oil industries are good examples of highest paying jobs not requiring a University degree.

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