Job interview coaching includes practicing, rehearsing, training & going through commonly asked questions. We also cover how to be well prepared, what to say, what not to say, what to do & what not to do during your next interview, in addition to when a job interview doesn’t produce a job offer.


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What does job interview coaching include?

  • Review your interviewing abilities & help tailor your answers
  • Give you the skills and techniques to succeed
  • Help you to build your confidence by highlighting your strengths & achievements


Let us work work with you to help you achieve the best result for your next interview.


We are based in Sydney, Australia.


Our Job interview coaching is conducted by:

  • Face to face consultation/ meeting/ discussions
  • Discussions via phone or video conference


Fees are discussed & agreed upon upfront.


We offer group discounts to Organisations & to Associations who offer this service as part of an employer’s goodwill exit package.


  • Never inquire about salary, compensation or bonuses, at job interview. You will be in a much better position once they decide to hire you.
  • The more you prepare for the job interview, the better chances you have of succeeding.
  • Be prepared to answer open-ended questions, like, “Tell me about yourself”.
  • Give them reasons to hire, by emphasizing what you can bring to the organization and that you will solve problems.
  • Plan to ask questions at the job interview. Asking questions gives you the opportunity to show your interest &  gives you the opportunity to find out if this organization is the right place for you.


I can assist whether you are a recent graduate, tradesperson, engineer, CEO, doctor, teacher, accountant, technician, supervisor, manager, technical executive, director, health care or IT professional


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KMD-solutions is based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.