Our Job interview coaching includes practicing, rehearsing, training & going through commonly asked questions. We also cover how to be well prepared, what to say, what not to say, what to do & what not to do during your next interview, in addition to when a job interview doesn’t produce a job offer.


Call 0417 063 668 or email us on info@kmd-solutions.com.


Will also:

  • Review your interviewing abilities & help tailor your answers
  • Give you the skills and techniques to succeed
  • Help you to build your confidence by highlighting your strengths & achievements


Let us work work with you to help you achieve the best result for your next interview.


For more information, email me at info@kmd-solutions.com with a brief summary of your situation.


We are based in Sydney, Australia.


We can assist with:

  • Face to face consultation/ meeting/ discussions (for Sydney residents)
  • Discussions via phone


Fees are discussed & agreed upon upfront.


We offer group discounts to Organisations & to Associations who offer this service as part of an employer’s goodwill exit package.


I can assist whether you are a recent graduate, tradesperson, engineer, CEO, doctor, teacher, accountant, technician, supervisor, manager, technical executive, director, health care or IT professional


Related topics we’ll be adding soon: phone interviewing & answers to the most asked interview questions.



KMD-solutions is based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.