Job search humor and jokes for you to enjoy & to make you laugh:

A high school teacher was so unsatisfied with her current job, so she quit her job. She was so confident that she wouldn’t have trouble finding a new position, because there was a nationwide shortage of teachers.

She started emailing cover letters to potential employers and she attached the same resume to each one.

Six months later, she was so disappointed that she had not received any interview requests.

Then she received an email message from an employer that explained why she hadn’t heard from anyone.

The email message read: “Your resume was not attached as you indicated. But I want to thank you so much for the roast lamb recipe that you attached.”


A few months after an employee was hired, he was called to the Human Resources Manager’s office.

The Manager said: “You have some explaining to do. When you initially applied for this job, you told us you had 10 years of experience. We just found out that this is the first job you have had, so you have no experience.”

The employee replied: “That’s because in your advertisement for this job, it said that you prefer somebody with imagination.”


At the beginning of a job interview, the job applicant asked to see the interviewer’s resume to check if she was qualified to judge job applicants & their applications.


We will be adding more job search humor & jokes soon.