Exploring your job & career options is vital. Laser cutting, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas & foreign exchange trading are just a few examples of different industries. There are many different jobs & careers across different industries. 


There are different jobs & careers in the healthcare, hospitality, insurance, IT, journalism, accounting, advertising, banking, consulting, engineering, laser cutting, manufacturing,mining, music, pharmaceuticals, foreign exchange trading, real estate, telecommunications, travel & tourism, and transportation industries.

There are also different sectors within many industries, like engineering & manufacturing.

There are programs such as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), that could assist some.

Engineering includes agricultural, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical and structural.

There are many different sectors within the manufacturing industry.

We’ll be adding links & details for each industry shortly. We’ll also add the fastest growing industries & highest paid industries.

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Job & career opportunities vary from one location to another. So you should also evaluate & research the location or locations that interest you.

Advance your career through training, RPL, education and certification. By advancing your career, you ensure a more rewarding career & a more secure future. See highest paying jobs

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