Letter of application example below is a general example of an application letter that can be used for any job application. The letter of application should be one page, brief and simple letter. A letter of application doesn’t replace a resume.

Check job application closing dates and always apply early. You can prepare a letter of application letter, similar to the example below, then slightly edit the letter of application example for each specific job that you apply for.

Use CV action verbs in your letter of application example & in your resume to describe yourself, your skills and your strengths. Don’t mention negative aspects of yourself or your history.  Also see resume writing.

Sample CV template: Easy to follow, example of CV sample template to help you create your own CV and to make your CV stand out. Also, see our personalised services.


Letter of application example

July 27, 2017

ABC Hospital
Street address
Suburb, State Zip code



Dear Jim

I am writing to inquire about possible nursing opportunities within your organization. Attached is my resume.

I am a quick learner, team player, organized, and have excellent people skills.

I look forward to meet with you to discuss how I could contribute to your organisation. Please contact me at your convenience to schedule a meeting.


Your name

Your contact phone number

Your email

Don’t reveal your salary expectations in your letter of application. If asked about your salary expectations, we suggest that you add a sentence in your letter of application example that your salary expectations are “negotiable”. To be more prepared for salary negotiations, see our salary negotiation example.

How to write a letter of application: A letter of application example is your introduction to potential employers. Make your letter of application example clear & simple, per the above example. Check the spelling & grammar in your application letter. Keep a copy of each letter of application example … read more about how to write a letter of application.

The above letter of application example is only an example and a personalized letter of application should be written for each job you are applying to.

You can use the above letter of application whether you are a teacher, nurse, IT project manager, recent graduate, engineer, child care worker, receptionist, flight attendant or any other position that you are applying for.

This letter of application example can be used worldwide.

We’ll be adding more letter of application examples, how to write a simple job letter of application & examples of simple application letter formats soon.

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