Our personalized services in Sydney, include face to face job interview coaching, job search strategies & techniques coaching, face to face resume writing services and salary negotiation coaching. All our services are available through face to face consultations, via phone & via email.


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Job Search Strategies & Techniques Coaching, providing job search guidance to increase your chances.


Will work with you every step of the way.


Job interview coaching  

Includes practicing, training & going through the most commonly asked interview questions. We also cover how to be well prepared & what to do & not to do during your next interview, in addition to when a job interview doesn’t produce a job offer.


Face To Face Resume writing services

  • I personally go through with you through each of your achievements, strengths, skills & experiences, to ensure all these are captured & are presented the best possible way.


Salary negotiation and pay rise coaching & consulting services include,

  • Negotiating a pay rise in an existing job: You can practically ask for a pay rise or any time of the year, but the best times to ask are; after the company announces good financial results, before next year’s budget, after you have secured another job with a competitor or after you have successfully completed a major project.
  • Salary negotiation for a new job: This negotiation is to be done after being offered the job, but prior to accepting the job offer.
  • Negotiating a promotion.


Editing & proofreading

Ensures your document has no grammar, spelling or structural mistakes.


All fees are discussed & agreed upon upfront. No hidden fees. Very reasonable rates.


Prompt response.


We are based in Sydney, Australia.


Call 0417 063 668 or email us at info@kmd-solutions.com & we will contact you right away.