Resume Action Verbs for boilermakers, welders, fabricators, electricians, supervisors. Resume action verbs and strong action words increase the strength of your resume. 

When structuring your resume, use strong resume action verbs to describe your skills, experience & strengths. Action verbs should also be used in preparing your cover letters & application letters. The use of these resume action verbs is not limited to those applying for executive or managerial positions. They should be used by everyone who is applying for a job.

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In your resume, cover letter or job application form, use resume action verbs to match the requirements of the job you are applying for.

To follow are commonly used resume action verbs: 

For general accomplishments, use words such as acted, addressed, allocated, fabricated, approved, achieved, budgeted,  designed, developed, directed, encouraged, eliminated, generated, introduced, marketed, negotiated, planned, produced, resolved, specified, trained, revised and team-built.

For management, supervision & leadership skills, use words such as coordinated, delegated, executed, planned and managed.

For communication & people skills, use words such as directed, moderated and persuaded.

For technical skills, use words like calculated, computed, solved, welded and upgraded.

For research, development and analytical skills use words like evaluated, examined and organized.

For creative skills use words similar to generated, pinpointed and updated.

For problem solving skills use words like resolve, established, implemented and launched.

For teaching skills use words like demonstrated, facilitated & represented.

For clerical & administrative skills, use words similar to inspected, prepared and recorded.

For financial skills use words like adjusted, forecasted and reconciled.

While the above resume action verbs are the most common, we  frequently add to these resume action verbs.

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