If resamay, resumay or resimay appear anywhere on your job application form or job application email, you will probably be placed at the bottom of the list or eliminated. Your resume, job application form and job application email all reflect your written communication skills.

Even though grammar errors, spelling errors and typos can be fatal to a candidate’s employment chances, you’d be surprised at the number of job application emails that contain “attached is my resumay, resamay or resimay” or “as detailed in my resimay, resamay or resumay” instead of resume. The hiring manager will be wondering: What is a resamay? or what is a resumay?

  • Many smart and talented people lose excellent job opportunities directly as a result of a weak resume, a weak job application letter or a weak email for job application.
  • Take your time when you write your resume, job application & email and always proofread.
  • Because resamay sounds very close to resume, so many misspell it, by writing resumay.
  • If you are not sure, do a search on the internet: how do you spell resumay or how do you spell resamay?
  • You might consider having a professional resume writer to prepare your resume.
  • Whether you apply online or post your resume online or apply via email, the same application rules apply for online applications as through traditional methods; check your grammar and spelling and fill in all the required application form fields.
  • Within the online application forms, avoid using “Per my attached resumay, resimay or resamay”.
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Resamay, resumay and resimay are the most common misspellings of resume that appear on job applications.

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