Salary negotiation coaching & consulting services to help you gain specific salary & pay rise negotiation skills.

We work work with you so you can negotiate the best salary.

Call 0417 063 668 or email us at a summary of your situation.


We are based in Sydney, Australia.


We can assist:

  • By having face to face consultation/ meeting/ discussions (for Sydney residents)
  • By having discussions via phone or video call
  • Via email.


What does salary negotiation coaching include?

  • Negotiating a pay rise in an existing job: You can practically ask for a pay rise or any time of the year, but the best times to ask are; after the company announces good financial results, before next year’s budget, after you have secured another job with a competitor or after you have successfully completed a major project.
  • Salary negotiation for a new job: This negotiation is to be done after being offered the job, but prior to accepting the job offer
  • Negotiating a promotion.


Fees are discussed & agreed upon upfront. No hidden fees. Very reasonable rates.


Reasons to use our salary negotiation coaching service

Salary negotiating, getting a pay rise or job promotion can be successful and rewarding if done correctly. This could earn you $1000s more in total salary package, including base salary & benefits package.

  • Salary negotiating requires planning & practice.
  • Our salary negotiation coaching service also helps you gain specific negotiation skills that will also be useful in the future in counter offer situations.
  • All discussions are professional and confidential.
  • Fees will be discussed & agreed upon upfront.
  • We can help you achieve the perfect outcome.


If you are currently working, it is best not to resign, as you will be in a better position to secure and negotiate a higher starting salary for the new job if you are currently employed.

I can assist whether you are a recent graduate, tradesperson, engineer, teacher, accountant, technician, supervisor, manager, technical executive, director, health care or IT professional


Please email us now to at for a free initial salary negotiation review.


I also assisted job candidates from South Africa, USA, China, UAE, Canada, UK, Pakistan, India, Russia, Singapore and New Zealand.



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