Simple resume format below will help you to create & write your own resume.  There are different resume formats, this is one of the most common simple resume formats. You will find many different simple resume formats & examples of resume templates. The free simple resume format below can be used to create your own resume. 

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Whether you are an executive, dentist, teacher, project manager, business consultant, computer programmer or an administrative assistant, you can follow the same format as the simple resume format below & use it as a template.

We prefer to focus more on the presentation and content of the resume than on the resume format. Do not fold or staple your resume. Use bulleted sentences rather than paragraphs. This will make it easier to read your resume. Avoid abbreviations in your resume, even for common words. Don’t include “Hobbies” on a resume. Don’t include current or previous salary details or salary expectations on a resume. Proofread your resume. It is imperative to catch and correct all spelling and grammatical weaknesses and mistakes and correct them.


Simple Resume format

Your name

Your address (can be a post office box)

Your contact phone number (s) (it is a good idea to include your cell phone number -do not include your work number if you don’t wish to be contacted there)

Your email address (it is best to use an email name and address that sound professional)



A brief concise statement describing you, your strongest skills, experience and your strengths.

 Professional Experience

  • Start with your present / last employer
  • List of all employment (up to 15 years, focusing on the experience that is relevant to positions that you are currently seeking & the most recent experience)
  • List the name of the Company,
  • Location,
  • A brief description of the company
  • Size of company (e.g. Largest pharmaceutical company in Canada),
  • Your title (if more than one position was held with the same company list each one separately)
  • Dates of employment- (if it is more favorable, you can indicate the year only, for example 2001 to 2004)
  • Do not include your salary.
  • Description of your accomplishments, achievements and responsibilities
  • Use strong action verbs (for example managed, resolved, developed, initiated, coordinated…)
  • Include cost savings (e.g.,  %, $ or in your local currency, where applicable)
  • Repeat the above for each position starting with the most recent at the beginning of your professional experience section of your resume. 


For the simple resume format for a recent graduate or if the education is more relevant than the experience to the job you are applying for, place this section above the professional experience section. If not, leave the simple resume format in this order.

  • Name of University/ TAFE/ College
  • Location
  • Degree / Diploma/ Certificate
  • Graduation date/ still attending (expected date of graduation)
  • For about to graduate students and for recent graduates, it is recommended that you also list your major courses

 Honors and Awards

  • List any awards or distinctions you received, such as dean’s list or Phi Beta Kappa. This is impressive on resumes for entry level positions.
  • This section can be included as a sub-section within the “Education” section of the resume format or listed separately. 

Skills and Training

Under this section of your simple resume format, include:

  • Any relevant skills not listed under professional experience (above)
  • All relevant courses/workshops/ seminars All relevant computer skills (eg, Microsoft office…)
  • Foreign Languages (Only list if you are applying for positions where your foreign language would be required or would be an asset, for example if you are applying to a company with a branch where the foreign language is spoken…. etc.) 

Personal Details

Very few sample resume formats include this section. We do not suggest listing your personal details on your resume, such as age, marital status or hobbies. As a rule there is no need to list on your resume anything that does not apply or relate directly to the job that you are applying for. For example listing on your resume that you are single may be helpful only for a job that requires traveling 90% of the time…. etc. 


(This section of the resume is optional- depending on the requirements of the job that you are applying to) 


In this section of the simple resume format, list Professional Licenses/ Memberships/ Associations


  • We suggest you contact your referees and prepare a list to have ready to give to the employer as soon as they ask for them
  • On the resume include “References available upon request”. Some resume formats list the references, but we don’t recommend doing so, unless you are asked to do so.
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Highest paying jobs can be by field or by location. While many high paying jobs require University degrees, other high paying jobs only require certification, training & experience . …. read our full article.

The sample resume format above is also applicable to email format of resume.

This simple resume format resume can be used whether you are a Managing Director, CEO, executive, doctor, teacher, nurse, engineer, financial controller, IT project manager, pharmacist, sales rep, health care professionals, boilermaker, welder, fabricator, electrician, tradesperson, accountant, technician, supervisor, manager or technical executive.


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