In general, please include as much information as possible and we will edit as necessary.

We are based in Sydney, Australia.

Please provide the following (in the same order)
If you already have a resume/ CV, you only need to provide what is not already listed on your resume

1.  Your name (as you want it to appear on your resume)

2.  Your mailing address

3.  Your contact phone number (s) (do not include your work number if you don’t wish to be contacted there)

4.  Your summary: this should be a short summary describing you and your strengths.

5.  Professional Experience:

  • Start with your present/ most recent employer
  • List all employment (up to 15 years, concentrating on the experience that is relevant to the positions that you are currently seeking)
  • List the name of the Company,
  • Location,
  • A brief description of the company
  • Size of company
  • Your title (if more than one position held with the same company list each one separately)
  • Dates of employment
  • Description of accomplishments and responsibilities
  • Use key words such as managed, developed, initiated, coordinated…
  • Include cost savings in % or $, where applicable
  • Repeat the above for each position


  • Name of University/ College/ Institute
  • Location
  • Degree / Diploma
  • Graduation date/ still attending


  • Include any relevant skills not listed under professional experience (above)
  • All relevant courses/workshops/ seminars All relevant computer skills (eg, Microsoft office…)
  • Professional Licenses/ Memberships
  • Foreign Languages (Only if you are applying for positions where your foreign language would be an asset)

8.  PERSONAL DETAILS (this is not required)
We do not suggest listing your personal details such as age and marital status; however, if you wish to include items we will include them for you

9.  Citizenship (Optional)

10. Memberships

11. References

  • We suggest you prepare and contact your referees and have them ready to give to the employer as soon as they ask for them
  • On the resume we include “References available upon request”

12. Any other relevant information that you’d like us to review for inclusion.

Our final copy will be a word document attached to email. However, for a minimal charge we provide hard copies. Please advise us if you require hard copies(regular post or express post as you require)

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Cover Letter/ Job Application Letters

  • Cover letters are your introduction to potential employers.
  • Let us help you write an effective cover letter.
  • We can help you write a general letter, which you can edit for different jobs.
  • Also, if you send us a description of the advertisement of the position we can assist you write a specific cover letter

Thank you letter

  • A thank you letter reminds the interviewer of you and puts you ahead of other candidates.
  • It also gives you the opportunity to highlight strengths and to elaborate on anything that you didn’t answer well in the interview.