Work from home online jobs can be via stock trading, Forex trading, customer service, online work opportunities, freelancing, data entry, home based business, self employment, part time work at home … etc. 


Working from home can be suitable for moms returning to work, stay at home moms or stay at home dads. Working from home can be very rewarding, as it also allows you to save time, to spend more time with your family and friend and to work flexible hours. More companies are allowing their employees to do some or all of their work from home.


Some of the advantages of working from home are:

  • Save on travel time and travel costs
  • Avoid office politics
  • Save money on business clothing
  • Avoid everyday traffic
  • Flexible working hours
  • Spend more quality time with the family
  • Gains in productivity
  • Less stress
  • Freedom

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Income may fluctuate & may not be steady
  • Working in isolation, instead of with other team members in a n office environment
  • Requires self discipline


Some small and home based businesses combine working from home with a virtual office.


  • There are work from home online jobs that are genuine, but some of the work from home online jobs are not genuine.
  • So be aware of the work from home online jobs that promise get rich quickly schemes.
  • Beware of those who promise easy & quick money..
  • Beware of quick rich business opportunities such as pyramid schemes ….etc.
  • Beware and research the high risks of stock trading and Forex trading.
  • Check and research any opportunity or program thoroughly.
  • Also, look into Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), if applicable to you.
  • In general, beware of work from home online job employers who ask for your money in advance. Legitimate work from home employers pay you money and do not ask you for money.