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Contact me for salary negotiation, interviewing, resume and job coaching. Also, for job search, career and pay raise coaching.

Contact me for salary negotiation, interviewing, resume and job coaching.

  • Ask me any question about resume writing, interview training or the hidden job market. Also, ask me about salary increase requests, salary negotiation or accepting an offer.
  • Check out my salary negotiation tips for women and men.
  • I offer face to face consultations and online services. Including in person, phone and video calls.

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Email me on Also contact me on +61 417 063 668 within Australia or outside Australia.

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Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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  • Check out my professional resume writing services. As a resume that stands out results in more interviews.
  • Also see my professional interview training and salary negotiation coaching
  • I assist clients in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. Also assisting job candidates worldwide.
  • Also, I assist in all fields, including IT, finance, health and education. Whether you are a CEO, manager, IT professional, software engineer, AI professional, data scientist, project engineer, teacher, nurse or a recent graduate.

KMD-Solutions is a comprehensive resource. Including, salary negotiation, interviewing and resume writing tips. Also check out salary negotiation tips, sample letters and more tips.

By cold calling and networking, tap into the hidden job market to increase your chances. Also, the hidden job market includes unadvertised jobs. As the hidden job market covers approximately 60-80% of all jobs. But most job seekers only rely on online advertised jobs. But they do not focus on the hidden job market.

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