COVID-19 job search tips

COVID-19 job search tips to help increase your job search success

COVID-19 job search tips to help increase your success.

Should you keep looking for a job during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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COVID-19 job search tips

  • Don’t appear desperate and don’t say “I’ll do anything”.
  • Make a list of all those who you can network with. Review this list every day and keep adding to this list. As networking is one of the best methods for a successful job search.
  • And this also applies to job seeking.
  • With social distancing, it may not be as easy to reach out and meet with your networks. But it can be done via phone and online. It will be easier to connect, as many hiring managers are working from home and not travelling and not attending many meetings.
  • Research industries that are hiring and jobs that are in demand.
  • Review and improve your job search techniques and methods.
  • Make sure your resume/ CV stands out, by marketing yourself. Most just list the jobs they have done and their responsibilities. But that is not enough, as everyone else does that. So, you need to market yourself, just like when a company markets its products.
  • Consider jobs where you can use your transferable skills. As this will increase your chances.
  • Be prepared for video interviewing, phone interviewing and virtual interviewing. 

Should you keep looking for a job during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • While many have stopped job searching due the drop in hiring, it is a good idea to continue with the job search.
  • If lockdown restrictions apply to the company, they would be expecting their employees to work remotely from home.
  • Stay positive and continue with your job search.
  • Don’t give up despite of the slow hiring process that you may encounter.

More job search tips

  • Don’t discuss your expected salary or your current salary at the virtual interview.
  • Enroll in online courses. During self-isolation, online courses are an excellent way to enhance your professional skills. This will also increase your chances. Also, many institutes are offering free courses. And you can indicate on your resume that you are currently enrolled in a specific course. This will show your commitment to ongoing professional development.
  • Be more flexible with your expectations.
  • Consider temporary, casual and contract roles.
  • Follow up one or two times only to avoid annoying the employer. And keep in mind that the hiring process is probably slower.

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