Cold cover letter sample

Cold cover letter sample, to be used for cold calling employers in 2022. Also attach your resume.

Cold call cover letter sample, How do you write a cold call cover letter with no experience?

  • How do you write a cold call cover letter to inquire about unadvertised and non-existing jobs?
  • When and how do you write a cold call cover letter with no experience?

Cold calling cover letter tips

  • This sample cold contact cover letter below also applies to writing a cold call cover letter with no experience and with experience. 
  • Attach your cold calling resume to your letter.
  • Also, this cold calling letter applies to jobs that do not exist and to unadvertised jobs.
  • Ensure each cold canvassing cover letter is short. Otherwise, no one will read it.
  • Do not mention your expected salary or your expected salary range. Also don’t inquire about salary.
  • Use the sample below for all roles. Even though the sample below is for an IT role. It is also applicable to all fields and to those with no experience.
  • Take the initiative and call employers within your field.

Cold call cover letter sample

99 Mars Rd
Sydney, NSW 2000


28 October 2022


11 Tom Road
Sydney, NSW 2022


Dear Sheri,

I am writing to inquire about possible IT roles within your company. Attached is my resume for your review.

Also highlight skills that make you stand out, in this section.

I have demonstrated excellent IT skills, in addition to strong analytical skills. Also, I am confident my skills would be an asset to your company.

Please contact me to set up a convenient time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your name

Contact phone number 

Cold calling resume

  • When inquiring about possible opportunities, attach your cold calling resume to your cover letter.
  • Only indicate that you are inquiring about possible opportunities.
  • But there is no need to make changes to your resume. As you can use the same resume that you use to apply for advertised jobs and for existing jobs.
  • Change each letter slightly to match the industry you are seeking.
  • You only need to change your cold calling resume if you are changing career. Or changing to a different industry.
  • Have a look at the simple resume format for 2022.

More cold calling cover letter tips

  • Also use this sample for networking.
  • Tap into the hidden job market by cold calling and networking.
  • Also referred to as cold contact letter or cold canvassing cover letter.
  • Edit the letter for each application. Also, edit the keywords.
  • Send each cold contact letter to a specific person, if you can. Also attach you cold calling resume.
  • Ensure your resume is professional and it clearly highlights your skills and experience.
  • Use the above for all fields and for all jobs. Whether you are a CEO, engineer, childcare teacher or nurse. 
  • The same tips and sample letter apply to writing a cold calling letter with no experience.
  • Don’t refer to expected salary or current salary.
  • Also, the above is only a sample format. So, edit this sample for each specific employer and possible opportunity. Also, we’ll be adding more formats shortly.
  • Be prepared for phone interviewing, virtual interviewing and video interviewing. 

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