Tips for CV action words

Tips for CV action words to strengthen your CV and cover letters. Also, these tips and list of strong verbs help you utilize powerful verbs at job interviews. 

Tips for CV action words

What are examples of action verbs?

Tips for CV action words  

  • Replace sentences starting with the pronoun I with CV action verbs and phrases. For example, instead of I supervised 15 employees, state supervised a team of 15.
  • Also include numerical figures, such as budgets, money saved and % saved.
  • Make sure the phrases and statements are used appropriately.
  • Never use pronouns such as I to identify yourself.
  • Use multiple strong verbs and phrases in your CV, cover letters and job applications. However, use them reasonably, so you can justify your statements.
  • Also, use words and phrases to match the requirements of the job you are applying for. Also, give specific examples of your experience.
  • Use power words, as no one reads long sentences.
  • An employer also looks for transferable skills.
  • As these skills are transferable from one work environment to another. And are often what you bring with you as an asset to an organization.
  • Also, when used appropriately, strong phrases effectively describe your transferable skills.
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List of general strong CV action words

  • Use acted, clarified, operated and drafted.
  • And organized, addressed, coached, edited and implemented.
  • Also, edited, restored, administered, and collaborated.
  • Use classified, illustrated, advised and communicated.
  • And repaired, adapted, advocated, allocated and audited.
  • Also budgeted, specified, assembled, stimulated and assigned.
  • In addition to motivated, rehabilitated, screened and promoted.

More strong CV verbs

  • Use verbs like investigated, attained, built and customized.
  • And fabricated, lectured, publicized, supervised and delegated.
  • Also facilitated, maintained, surveyed, authored and demonstrated.
  • In addition to managed, recommended, tabulated and balanced.
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