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Professional resume writing services in Sydney for women and men

Resume writing services in Sydney, including face to face, video and phone consultations.

  • I am one of the few resume writers in Sydney who still offers face to face resume writing services in Sydney and I actually meet you in person. 
  • Are you looking for the best resume writing service in Sydney that is professional, thorough and in-depth?
  • Call me or email me for a free resume review and evaluation.
  • Employees who change jobs frequently, typically earn considerably more than those who stay at the same job.

My clients secured roles at major organisations

  • Including Amazon, Cisco, St George Bank, Sydney Trains, Service NSW, Samsung, VicRoads, NSW Health, AMP and Deloitte. 
  • In addition to Australia Post, Honda, Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW Customer Service, Optus and Colgate Palmolive.
  • Also, ANZ Bank, NDIS, HP, Transport for NSW, Downer Group, Lendlease, Telstra, Queensland Health and BHP.
  • Do you need assistance to get short-listed for more jobs?
  • Do you wonder why some of your friends have higher paying jobs, even though you are more qualified than they are? They were most likely assisted by a professional resume writer or resume specialist/ consultant.

15 reasons to choose my face to face resume writing services in Sydney

  1. Your resume will not be outsourced to another resume writer. As I personally work closely with you and prepare everything from A to Z.
  2. I share with you my hands on hiring management experience.
  3. On time completion.
  4. I engage with you in-depth, to capture and go through your skills and experience in-depth.
  5. You will receive an ATS keyword optimized resume to pass through ATS (Applicant Tracking System).
  6. I help you to achieve the best outcome because I use proven methods and apply the best practices.
  7. During my consultation and preparation process, I explain everything to you, to increase your confidence and motivation.
  8. You will stand out from more than 300 applications. This results in more interviews within a short period of time. Also, this could result in securing the best paying jobs, higher paying jobs and the ability to negotiate an even higher salary.
  9. I tailor everything specifically for you.
  10. My clients highly recommend all my services to their colleagues, friends and family members. Also, they clearly rate my services as the best resume writing services.
  11. I offer support after completing your resume. Whether it is a simple CV writing question, application question or a career opinion. 
  12. Offering specialist in person assistance and one on one coaching to ensure we cover everything that makes you stand out.
  13. I won’t ask you to fill out any generic forms, because that method does not work. Also, I know each client has a different requirement and all my work is tailored specifically for each client.  
  14. I assist you with addressing the expected salary questions and salary range questions.
  15. You have access to my hiring experience.

Why hire a professional resume writer?

  • There are certain unique and specific circumstances that you are not sure how to present, such as:
    • Lack of local experience
    • To gain higher paying employment
    • Lack of local education or certification
    • Gaps in employment
    • To help advance your career 
    • Career change
    • To ensure you stand out 
  • To gain more confidence and clarity with the assistance of a professional resume writer.
  • It is the same as hiring a doctor, dentist, tax agent, solicitor or a financial adviser to perform professional tasks that you lack.
  • You are applying to so many openings, but you are not getting invited to interviews.
  • High return on investment, as you can use the resume created this time for future job searches.
  • To secure your next job quicker and to possibly achieve a higher paying salary.
  • You are not sure of what to include and what to exclude.
  • You have transferable skills but not sure how to present them to make you stand out.

My clients ask the following

  • Does a custom resume actually help me negotiate and achieve a higher salary?
  • Will a well written professional CV result in many more interviews and job offers?
  • How can your face-to-face resume coaching help me?
  • Does your professional coaching include a thorough review of my situation?
  • Are you the best rated resume writer in Sydney?
  • I have been unemployed for the last 2.5 years due to family commitments. Can I still find a job in my field of expertise?
  • I have no local experience and no local degree, but I am looking for a senior managerial position. Is this possible with your assistance?
  • Do you also assist with job applications and with job search techniques?
  • I have been in the same job for 20 years and I never had a curriculum vitae. Can you assist me?
  • What distinguishes you from other resume writers in Sydney?
  • How many years of experience should I include?
  • I have not worked in my field since graduating from university. Even though I have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. Are you able to assist me?

My professional resume writing services in Sydney

  • Assisting Directors, CEOs, Senior Executives, Senior Managers, Project Managers, consultants and all levels.
  • Also, I assist clients in different fields. Including executives, machine learning managers, doctors, data scientists, project managers, nurses, dentists and accountants. In addition to software engineers, data analysts, AI engineers, product managers, corporate services managers, construction managers and university students. 
  • Assisting clients in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Australia wide and worldwide.
  • I help you achieve the best outcome, by offering face to face consultations in person. Whether your CV needs revising or you need one from scratch.
  • Also offering CV writing services and online resume coaching. Including via voice calls and via video calls.
  • Average turnaround time is 2 to 3 business days. I also offer rush CV coaching.
  • You can email me for a free resume review and evaluation. And after evaluating, I will call you to discuss how I can make you stand out.
  • If you don’t have a resume or CV, I will start from scratch.
  • Also, offering CV writing online and via video call.
  • By proceeding with our services, you agree with all of our terms, conditions and disclaimer.
  • I also help with cover letters, thank you letters, LinkedIn profiles, selection criteria and online job applications.
  • Also offering resume coaching services to companies. So, providing professional resumes in Sydney to promote your business the best possible ways.
  • I help you get more interviews by covering successful job search techniques and strategies.

Face to face professional resume writing services in Sydney

  • Most employers review a CV within 10 seconds and then move on to the next one. So, your CV needs to catch the attention of the Hiring Manger within those few seconds.
  • I highly recommend my face-to-face resume coaching for my Sydney clients and also for clients close to Sydney. Including the Central Coast, Newcastle, Blue Mountains and Wollongong.
  • Many smart job seekers lose the best job opportunities as a result of a weak CV.
  • Call me to use my face-to-face resume services in Sydney.
  • Also, email me for a free resume review.
  • Offering my coaching services and assistance worldwide. Including clients from the United States, Colombia, India, China, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.
  • Also assisting my clients with face-to-face CV writing and rewriting services worldwide.
  • I offer group discounts.
  • Providing workshops, short courses and classes for companies offering employer’s redundancy package. Also offering my CV writing coaching for goodwill exit package.

Professional resume writing services for women and men at all levels and all industries

  • Medical, nursing and health
  • Finance, banking and accounting
  • AI, Data Science, machine learning and software engineering
  • Automation and manufacturing
  • FIFO, Mining, oil and gas
  • Hospitality, retail and events management
  • Architecture, building and construction
  • Civil, electrical, biomedical and mechanical engineering
  • Sales, marketing, business management, consulting and administration
  • Community support, development and NDIS support work
  • Infrastructure, transportation, supply chain, logistics, warehousing and distribution
  • IT, business analyst and IT helpdesk support
  • Education, training, teaching and childcare
  • Local, State and Federal Government

My other professional career coaching services

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