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Face to face resume writing services, to ensure your resume stands out. In person resume writing for best results. Call me on +61 417 063 668. Most employers review a resume in 10 seconds, then move on to the next resume.


  1. I offer professional face to face resume writing consultations in person
  2. I also offer professional resume writing online, via voice and video call

face to face resume writing Sydney


Why choose my professional face to face resume writing?

  • I share with you my hands on hiring and management experience. Also you have access to my hiring knowledge.
  • We discuss the best ways to market you.
  • I present you in the best possible way. By capturing and going through your achievements, strengths and experience. 
  • Your receive a personalized and tailored resume that makes you stand out.
  • I offer support after completing your resume. Whether it is a simple resume question or opinion.
  • Do you ever wonder why some friends have better jobs, even though they aren’t as qualified as you? It is probably because they started with a professional resume.
  • With face to face resume writing consultation, I ensure that we cover what makes you stand out.
  • Many smart job seekers lose the best opportunities as a result of a weak resume.
  • Call me on +61 417 063 668 for a fast response. Also, I assist with interview coaching and salary negotiation coaching.


My professional face to face resume writing services

  • Please email your current resume for a free evaluation.
  • Send me a summary, if you don’t have a resume.
  • I also offer rush face to face resume writing. In addition to resume writing online, and via video call. 
  • I help you achieve the perfect outcome. Whether your resume needs revising or you need one from scratch.
  • By proceeding with our services, you agree with all our terms, conditions and disclaimer
  • I also help with cover letters, thank you letters and online job applications.
  • Also helping with company resumes to promote your business.
  • I help you get more interviews with a resume that highlights your achievements.
  • Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
  • I assist job seekers across across Australia. Including Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
  • Assisting clients from USA, China, UK, India and Germany.
  • I offer group discounts to companies offering employer’s redundancy package. Also for goodwill exit package.
  • Use my face to face resume writing, whether you are a CEO, doctor, engineer, teacher or nurse. In addition to all professions, including IT, finance, health and education.


Call +61 417 063 668 to use my face to face resume writing in Sydney. Check out my job interview training. Also, let me work with you to negotiate a higher salary.


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