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Resignation letter sample to follow is to let your boss know that you are resigning from your position. Address the simple resignation letter to your boss.


It is best to resign after you have a formal written job offer letter from your new company. Unless you have to due to your personal circumstances.


Resignation Letter Sample Tips

  • Include in your resignation letter your intention to resign and the effective date of your resignation.
  • Use this simple resignation letter sample below to create your own resignation letter.
  • Don’t mention any negatives about your current boss. As you may need a reference from your boss in the future. Also, you may decide to work for your current boss again in the future.
  • It is best to first inform your boss of your intention to resign in a meeting. Then give your boss your resignation letter. Unless your boss is away or in another city.
  • If your boss is in another city, call him to let him know that you are resigning. Then send him the resignation letter.
  • Mention in your resignation letter sample that you intend to work until the end of the notice period. Some companies pay in lieu of the notice period, if you are going to a competitor.
  • Thank your employer for the great experience and opportunity.
  • You can send your resignation in the form of an email resignation letter, if your boss is in another city. Also, after you have told him or her that you intend to resign in a face to face meeting.
  • When emailing, you don’t need to sign your resignation letter sample.
  • When resigning, you may receive a counter offer. See counter offer letter.


Resignation Letter Sample

213 Bob Rd
Sydney, NSW 2000
(111) 111-9999

July 4th, 2018


Mr. John Max
XYZ Company
1111 Lisa Street
Sydney, NSW


Dear John:


This letter is my resignation from my position with the company. As I have an offer from another company. My last day will be two weeks from today.


It has been a pleasure and an honor to work for you. Also, please let me know if I can help to make a smooth transition.



Your signature

Your full name


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