Highest paying jobs

Highest paying jobs include IT managers, surgeons, data scientists & diesel mechanics. Some don’t require a degree, while others do.

Highest paying jobs in 2023

  • Obviously, the highest paying jobs change from time to time.
  • IT specialists are among the top. Including those in data science, AI, and machine learning.
  • Also, many depend on the field and the location.
  • With the increase in the building of high-rise apartments in Sydney and Melbourne, some are in the building industry.
  • In general, top jobs require a degree include surgeons and anesthesiologists. Yet they vary from one location to another.
  • Other examples are podiatrists, marketing managers, sales managers and lawyers.
  • In one country the high paying roles may be in health and finance. However, in another growing country they could be in IT, infrastructure, building and construction.
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Highest paying jobs not requiring a degree

  • Many only require certification, training and experience. This includes electricians, diesel mechanics and tradespeople.
  • Recently, some were FIFO in the mining industry in Western Australia and in Queensland.
  • Another benefit of these FIFO mining roles is they offer free food and accommodation while working at the mine.
  • Even unskilled roles in the mining industry pay considerably more than those in other industries. This is because many of these are in remote areas and are FIFO fly in fly out jobs. The further away from the big cities, the more the remuneration. This also applies to roles in the oil and gas industry.
  • Currently a Sydney electrician earns considerably more than other tradespeople.
  • Share market trading and currency trading can also pay well. But most of these can be risky.
  • So, jobs in the mining and oil industries are good examples of jobs not requiring a university degree.

A professionally written resume can result in being able to earn considerably more and to be able to negotiate an increase in remuneration. 

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