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How to ask for a pay raise and an tips on how to negotiate the highest pay raise. Also, how much pay raise you should ask for.


  • Don’t expect to receive a pay raise automatically
  • A pay raise can be in the form of salary packaging, such as a car, laptop or insurance.


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How to ask for a pay raise

  • Many companies review everyone’s salary on a yearly basis. But if you want more than the average, you need to ask.
  • If you don’t get a pay raise, ask your boss how to qualify and what the time frame is.
  • Take notes of everything your boss says.
  • Follow up with your boss within the time frame given. But if they keep delaying, ask for a new time frame and follow up .
  • Some of the best times to ask for a pay raise are:
    1. after a high achievement
    2. before next year’s budget
    3. after great financial results
    4. one you receive a job offer from a competitor
  • Once you receive the pay raise, send your boss a thank you email.


Tips on how to ask for a pay raise

  • If your role would be hard to fill, you will be in a very powerful position to negotiate.
  • Make weekly notes of all your achievements, so you can show benefits to the company.
  • If you deserve a pay raise, ask for it, even if your boss says the economy is bad. But don’t be persistent.
  • If you are confident that you deserve a pay raise, be persistent. But do not push your boss.
  • Delay asking for a pay raise if your performance is not good. If you do ask, at least don’t be persistent until you improve.


How much pay raise should I ask for?

  • Research what you are worth in the market. Then ask for a pay raise based on your research.
  • Ask for more than you are expecting and then negotiate. So, if you are expecting a 9% pay raise, you should ask for 19% and then negotiate. 
  •  Also, see 3 examples of counter offer negotiation.


What if you don’t get the pay raise that you ask for?

  • If you are not successful in getting a pay raise, stay calm and make logical moves.
  • Ask your boss what will qualify you for a pay increase in the future and what the time frame is.
  • Don’t complain to you coworkers that you haven’t received a pay raise for a long time.

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