How to email your resume is a popular question. Emailing your resume is very common. Most job advertisements ask that you email your resume. 


As some email filters block some emails with attachments and many don’t trust opening an attachment anyway, some choose to include their resume in the body of the email message.

How to email your resume

Sometimes employers ask that a resume be included in the body of the email message or they may instruct applicants not to send attachments. In these instance,:

  • Open your MS Word resume & click copy, then paste it in the body of your email.
  • Send a test email to yourself to see how your email will look. If you have different email applications try them all to see how the email will look.
  • Adjust the email, as some of the fancy characters will disappear.
  • You still need a cover letter which can be inserted at the top of the email, then followed by your inserted resume. See sample email cover letter.
  • Once you create your email containing your cover letter & resume, you can re-use it as a template for future applications by editing it each time for the specific job.
  • You can use the same email template for online applications, by cutting & pasting.


If there are no instructions reference attachments, you can attach your MS Word resume, but ensure that you follow up quickly to ensure the email and attachment were received and the employer was able to open the attachment…. etc.


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