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Promotion and relocation FAQ & A. My boss offered me a promotion to a manager and to relocate to Sydney, Australia. Which is an area that I am not familiar with. Should I ask for relocation pay and negotiate pay? Is there anything else that I should be asking in terms of moving to Sydney?


Promotion and Relocation Answer

  • It really depends on the company.
  • Some companies will offer you paid accommodation for a number of weeks. In addition to paid time off to find a suitable place.
  • They’ll also pay a certain amount to cover moving your furniture. Or they will arrange and pay a moving company to do so. We suggest you negotiate to get this assistance.
  • As far as your salary, compare the cost of living in your city with the cost of living in Sydney.
  • Ask for an amount to compensate you for the difference. Obviously you need to negotiate and be flexible.
  • Also negotiate health insurance, paid accommodation and school education.
  • You can also negotiate annual return tickets to your country, for you and for your family.
  • Check out these 3 examples of counter offer salary negotiation,


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When offered promotion and relocation, ensure you are compensated properly.


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