Resume action verbs and phrases are very effective when used appropriately. Also, use resume action verbs and phrases during job interviews and in preparing your cover letters.


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Examples of Resume Action Verbs and Phrases

  • To make your resume stand out, use a variety of different resume action verbs and action phrases. Do this to demonstrate your achievements and accomplishments. Emphasize cost savings, by using action verbs, such as reduced, consolidated, decreased and conserved
  • To highlight your sales experience, use action verbs like maximized, exceeded, boosted and accelerated
  • Use bullet point sentences to make it easier to read your resume and to make your resume more presentable. A well written resume can result in a higher paying job.
  • Your strengths and accomplishments must stand out at the beginning of your resume. So use resume action verbs and resume action phrases.
  • Include resume action verbs and resume action phrases within your position descriptions, instead of simply listing your responsibilities
  • Resume action verbs and phrases help you turn responsibilities into high achievements, making your resume more powerful

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