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What am I doing wrong? I started looking for a job in June 2018. It is now September 2018. It has been more than 3 months. I have applied to every advertised job that matches my experience. Also, I even applied for jobs that are lower than my level of expertise. I have also networked by letting all my contacts know that I am looking for a job. But I haven’t had any job offers so far. What am I doing wrong?


Answers to what am I doing wrong

  • So many job applicants keep asking what am I doing wrong.
  • Sometimes there is one factor. Other times there are a number of small factors that add up. This includes being overqualified or having an employment gap.
  • You are covering advertised jobs and you are networking, which is good.
  • Networking usually takes time. So keep building your network and always follow up. Don’t stop networking after you find a job.
  • There is another way to tap into the hidden job market by contacting companies directly through cold calling. See our topic on the The Hidden Job Market.
  • Cold calling is one of the best job search methods. But most job seekers do not pay much attention to the hidden job market. As they only rely on directly advertised jobs.
  • Some apply for lower level jobs. But this doesn’t help. As there is more competition for the lower level jobs. So your chances are actually lower when applying for lower level jobs.
  • Also, don’t overlook your resume, cover letter and interview skills. Please see the different topics on our site.
  • Ensure that you have excellent references. Also, ensure that none of your references are letting you down,


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