World Cup takes place every four years.  2022 World Cup is to be held in Qatar. 2018 World Cup took place in Russia. It was won by France. 


  • Was first held in 1932 In Uruguay.
  • It is the most watched event in the world. Exceeding the Olympic Games.
  • Brazil won the Cup five times. Also they are the only team to have participated in every tournament.
  • Germany won four times. Also Italy won four times.
  • Argentina, France and Uruguay won two times each.
  • England won one time. Also Spain won one time.


2022 World Cup

  • To be held in Qatar between November 21 to December 18, 2022


2018 World Cup

  • Was held in Russia.
  • The final match was between France and Croatia.
  • France won 4-2.


  • Brazil, France, Italy, Germany and Mexico are the only nations to host the Cup twice.
  • FIFA’s Council votes to choose the host country.
  • The host team automatically qualifies to participate.
  • In 1998 France won while hosting. Also, in 1966 England won while hosting.
  • Qualifying matches are held across six FIFA zones.
  • 32 teams participate. They are divided into eight groups with four teams each.
  • The trophy is not awarded permanently to the winning team.


Will be updating this page with the qualifying matches.