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Cover letter for Childcare below is for online job applications. Modify this cover letter for Childcare for each job application. It is a short and simple cover letter sample. 

  • Use this cover letter for all Childcare jobs. Including Childcare Teacher, Childcare Assistant, Childcare Worker and Preschool Teacher.
  • A cover letter is not a summary of your resume. So keep it brief.

cover letter for Childcare Teacher, Worker

Cover Letter for Childcare

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11/ 4/ 2018

ABC Childcare


Dear Lisa:

I am writing to you to apply for the Childcare Teacher opening. Attached is my resume for your review.


I am enthusiastic and passionate about children. Also, I respect children’s uniqueness, beliefs and abilities.


In addition to my Childcare qualifications, I have experience as a Childcare Teacher. Also, I have a positive can do attitude and I am a passionate Childcare Teacher.


I am looking forward to meet with you soon. I will call you in two days to set up a time.


Thank you.




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Cover Letter for Childcare Tips

  • Keep each cover letter simple and short. So, no more than 3/4 of a page.
  • Address each cover letter to a specific person.
  • Use this cover letter sample whether you are a Childcare Teacher, Childcare Assistant, Childcare Worker or Preschool Teacher.
  • Personalize each cover letter. Also, outline how your experience matches the job ad.
  • Also, avoid mentioning salary expectations in your cover letter. However, if asked for salary expectations, add that your salary expectations are negotiable. Also, be more prepared for salary negotiations.
  • Keep a copy of each cover letter that you send. For more cover letter for Childcare tips, see cover letter tips.
  • Include a cover letter for Childcare with each online job application.
  • Some online applications ask for salary expectations. So, if asked, add that your salary expectations are negotiable. But some only allow a number.
  • The above cover letter for Childcare is a general cover letter. Also see letter of application example.




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