Cover Letter for Child Care in 2020

Cover letter for child care for 2020, to use when applying for Child Care jobs. Including cover letter for Child Care Educator, Child Care Teacher, Assistant Educator and Daycare Assistant Teacher. Also to Preschool Teacher, Child Care Worker, Child Care Educator and Montessori Teacher.cover letter for child care 2020

Also use this cover letter for Child Care whether you have experience or no experience at all. And see how to write a cover letter for Child Care below. 

Sample cover letter for Child Care in 2020

12 North Road,

Sydney, NSW 2000


March 27, 2020

Lisa Smith

ABC Child Care

22 Cox Rd

Sydney, NSW 2000


Dear Lisa:

I am writing to you to apply for the Child Care Educator opening. Attached is my resume for your review.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about children. Also, I respect children’s uniqueness and beliefs.

In addition to my Child Care qualifications, I have experience as a Child Care Educator. Also, I have a positive can do attitude and I am a caring Child Care Educator.

I am looking forward to meet with you. So I will call you in two days.

Thank you.


Your name

Phone number

How to write a cover letter for Child Care

  • Keep each cover letter short. So, no more than 3/4 of a page.
  • Send each cover letter to a specific person.
  • Use this letter sample for early childhood jobs. As it is simply a working with children cover letter. Including for a  Child Care Educator, Child Care Teacher Assistant Educator and Daycare Assistant Teacher. In addition to Early Preschool Teacher, Montessori Teacher and Early Childhood Education.
  • Personalize each cover letter. Also, outline how your skills match the job ad.
  • Keep a copy of each cover letter that you send. Also, for more childcare cover letter tips, see cover letter tips.
  • Include a cover letter with each online job application.
  • Some online applications ask for expected salary. So, if asked, add that your expected salary is negotiable. But some only allow a number.
  • The above childcare cover letter is a general sample cover letter. And the same sample letter above applies to writing a cover letter for childcare with no experience. 
  • Also see cold calling cover letter sample.
  • See my resume writing services In addition to my salary negotiation coaching.  And call me on +61 417 063 668
  • We’ll be adding another cover letter for childcare soon.

Avoid mentioning expected salary in 2020 

  • Avoid writing about expected salary or your expected salary range in your cover letter.
  • But, if asked, add that your salary expectations are negotiable.
  • Also, be more prepared for salary negotiations.

Be prepared for virtual interviewing. Also see Coronavirus interview tips and job search during Coronavirus.

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Will be shortly adding another cover letter for Assistant Educator and Daycare Assistant.

Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia