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Job interview coaching, includes training, practicing and rehearsing. Call me on +61 417 063 668. I cover frequently asked questions and personalize tailored answers. In addition to what to say and what not to say.

  • Always respond to interview questions with personalized answers.
  • Don’t give generic answers.
  • Even though many use generic answers, always give personalized answers.


I offer job interview coaching by:

  • Face to face consultations, meetings or discussions in person
  • Discussions online, via phone or video call

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Job interview coaching highlights

  • I share with you my hands on hiring and management experience. In addition to what to do and what not to do. Call me on +61 417 063 668 for job interview coaching.
  • Assisting all levels, including management and executive positions.
  • Do you ever wonder why some less experienced friends have top jobs? They probably used professional resume services and job interview coaching.


What does my job interview coaching include?

  • I offer job interview training, practicing and rehearsing
  • I review your interviewing abilities and tailor your answers
  • We go through frequently asked behavioral interview questions together
  • I help you to build your confidence


Why choose my job interview coaching?

  • To increase your confidence
  • To stand out from the crowd in a very competitive job market
  • So you can handle a panel interview
  • When you land your next interview you want to walk in with all the confidence
  • To provide the best answers to behavioral interview questions
  • My job interview coaching helps you achieve the best results
  • I provide ongoing support


Also let me also work with you to help you negotiate a higher salary.


I offer group discounts to companies who offer employer’s redundancy package and goodwill exit package.


Job interview tips

  • Prepare and train for the job interview, to increase your chances of succeeding.
  • Never inquire about salary or bonuses at the job interview. You will be in a much better position to negotiate once they decide to hire you.
  • Prepare to answer open-ended questions, like “Tell me about yourself”.
  • Give the employer reasons to hire you. By focusing on what you can bring to the organization. And that you will solve their problems. Or at least help them solve some of their problems.
  • Plan to ask questions at the job interview to show your interest. It also gives you the opportunity to find out if this position is right for you.


I assist CEOs, teachers, accountants, engineers and nurses. I also assist in all fields. Including health care, IT, education and finance.


We’ll be adding answers to the most asked interview questions and phone job interview coaching


Call +61 417 063 668 to use my interview coaching services in Sydney. Check out my professional resume writing services. Also, check my pay raise and salary coaching.


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