Thank you letter tips below to help with your thank you letter. A thank you letter reminds the interviewer of you and puts you ahead of others who overlook sending a thank you letter. Always send a personalized thank you letter to everyone who interviewed you. 


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Thank you letter tips

  • A thank you letter also gives you the opportunity to highlight strengths. Also to elaborate on anything that you did not answer well during the interview.

  • Keep each thank you letter professional and simple (no more than one page).
  • Express your continued interest and enthusiasm for the position and the company.

  • Emphasize that you are looking forward to accepting the opportunity.

  • Tailor each thank you letter so the interviewer/ recruiter remembers who you are. Which will help make you stand out.

  • Be genuine.

  • Thank you letters should be sent immediately after an interview. So make sure it is received before the hiring decision is made.

  • Obtain each interviewer’s business card at the interview. So that you have their contact details for the thank you letter and for following up.


Also, a thank you letter is sometimes referred to as an interview thank you letter or referred to as an after interview thank you letter.


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