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I hate cold calling and I just can’t do it, so do you have any hints for me so I don’t miss out on unadvertised jobs?



  • Cold calling can be discouraging and that’s why many don’t like it.
  • It can be very rewarding due to very little competition.
  • Cold calling is one of the best methods to tap into the hidden job market. The hidden job market refers to jobs that are not advertised. through traditional methods online.
  • Most job seekers do not pay much attention to the hidden job market and only rely on directly advertised jobs.


Suggestions to help overcome hating cold calling:

  • The first suggestion is to try cold calling to any company that you are comfortable in calling. It could be small, medium or large.
  • May be try 1 company a week at a time that you are feeling comfortable.
  • Then you can increase to say cold calling 2 companies a week.
  • And you keep increasing until you reach the level that you are comfortable with. That level could 2 a week or 30 a day or anything in between, as long as you are comfortable with it.
  • This method works for certain job applicants and they actually stop saying “I hate cold calling”.
  • If after trying the above practice, and you conclude that you still hate hate cold calling, and in order not to miss out on unadvertised jobs within the hidden job market completely,  you should at least network, by letting as many people as you can know that you are looking for a job, even if they are in a different field or industry.
  • Contact and talk to previous employers, associates, customers, suppliers, other parents, neighbors, people in clubs you belong to …. etc.
  • Also check job openings posted on websites of companies that interest you.
  • See the hidden job market.     

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