Job interview mistakes

Job interview mistakes to avoid in 2023. Also see my professional job interview coaching and training. With clients in Newcastle, Perth, Darwin, Wollongong, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Central Coast, Brisbane, Blue Mountains, Perth, regional Australia and worldwide.

12 job interview mistakes to avoid in 2022, to increase your chances.

  • What should you avoid at the interview?
  • What are the most common interview mistakes?
  • Also see preparing for virtual job interviews.

Avoid these 12 job interview mistakes in 2023

  1. Late arrival. This is a very common mistake. So, arrive at least 15 minutes early for face-to-face meetings. And be ready 15 minutes prior to virtual, online video and phone interviews.
  2. Very high salary expectations. So be realistic in your expected salary. Also, try to avoid discussing expected salary until the company makes you an offer. Because this is one of the most common mistakes. 
  3. Appearing too eager or too desperate. So, listen 75% of the time and talk 25% of the time. Don’t say too much.
  4. Bad mouthing your previous employer(s).
  5. Lack of focus. So be clear about what you want.
  6. Poor references. So, contact your references at the start of your search. And if you are not sure of what they will say, ask them. Also give your references a copy of your latest resume.
  7. Poor personal appearance.
  8. Not being positive.
  9. Poor attitude. So don’t be arrogant or aggressive.
  10. Qualified, but not the most suitable or not the best fit for the team.
  11. Bad behavior. So always be pleasant and behave your best.
  12. Not knowing what you are worth.

More interview mistakes

  • Questioning the hiring manager as to why they haven’t called you.
  • Focusing on yourself too much.
  • Avoid mentioning a salary range.
  • Lack of potential.
  • Not being prepared.
  • Lack of common sense.
  • Using your cell or mobile phone.
  • Inflexibility. So be flexible with your expectations.
  • Inconsistency between your answers and what you have included on your resume, CV, cover letter or job application.
  • Not following up.
  • Asking personal questions.

The above mistakes are not in any order

  • Ensure your resume stands out to increase your chances of success. As an outstanding resume can result in a higher salary.
  • Also see my salary negotiation coaching. 

Some companies are replacing face to face interviews with virtual interviews. 

Will be adding job interview negotiations shortly.

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