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12 Job interview mistakes to avoid, to increase your chances of getting a job offer.  The more you prepare for the job interview, the more you will succeed. Succeeding is not a matter of luck or trying again and again.

Avoid these 12 job interview mistakes:

  • Poor personal appearance
  • Lack of focus. So be clear about what you want
  • Appearing too eager or too desperate. So listen 75% of the time and talk 25% of the time
  • Poor references. So, contact your references before you attend interviews. And if you are not sure of what they will say, ask them. Also give your references a copy of your resume
  • Poor attitude. Don’t be arrogant
  • Not being positive
  • Very high salary expectations. So be realistic in your expectations. Also, try to avoid discussing salary at the first job interview. Because this is one of the most common job interview mistakes. And, let the employer decide to hire you first, then discuss salary.
  • Lack of common sense
  • Qualified, but not the most suitable for the job
  • Lack of potential
  • Late arrival to the job interview. This is one of the most common job interview mistakes. So arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.
  • Inflexibility
  • Bad behavior. So always be pleasant and behave your best
  • Not knowing what you are worth


The above 12 job interview mistakes are not in any order


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