Counter offer examples

Counter offer examples below illustrate successful negotiation techniques. Also, counter offer examples to negotiate the highest salary in 2022. Apply these counter offer examples to property sales, car sales, many business transactions and employment negotiations. Call me for negotiation coaching for women and men.Counter offer examples that illustrate successful negotiation techniques

  • Can you provide a salary negotiation counter offer letter sample?
  • How to negotiate salary over the phone.
  • Can you provide a counter offer example?
  • Can you give examples of contract negotiation strategies?
  • How much should I counteroffer salary?

Also, these salary negotiation examples apply to many other counter offer scenarios. So, you can also use these counter offer examples for procurement negotiation, supplier negotiation, contractor negotiation, car buying or house buying negotiation.

  • The salary negotiation examples below include contract re-negotiation examples and scenarios.
  • These salary negotiation examples are not only for managers. The examples apply to women and men, at all levels and all fields. You can use these salary negotiation examples worldwide. Including in Australia, Canada, USA, Japan and Germany.
  • Consider your own personal circumstances when applying each counteroffer example.
  • Conduct salary negotiation over the phone. As this is more rewarding than sending a salary negotiation counter offer letter or email.
  • Use these salary negotiation counter offer examples as a reference only. As there is no one size fits all and every situation is different. Let me work with you to negotiate the best counter offer and terms of contract. 

Why negotiate your salary in 2022?

  • If you don’t negotiate your starting salary, you could lose $350,000 over the course of your career.
  • Negotiating $8,000 at the start of your career may not be much. But it could add up to more than $350,000.
  • Try not to reveal your expected salary before you receive the job offer.
  • If asked about your expected salary, indicate that your expected salary is negotiable.
  • Don’t avoid salary negotiation, as you will miss out.
  • Take salary negotiation and terms of contract seriously. As this is not an easy task. So, some seek assistance of a salary negotiation coach. Use a salary negotiation coach to be able negotiate the highest salary.
  • Prepare for negotiation by practicing salary negotiation examples. Including these salary negotiation examples and terms of contract examples.

Use these counter offer examples as a guide

  • Everyone has different personal circumstances. Evaluate your own personal circumstances and come up with a negotiating strategy before negotiating salary.
  • The employer offers you $120,000 yearly salary.
  • Conduct the starting salary negotiations over the phone.
  • Even if you receive an offer letter or email, it is best to negotiate over the phone. And do not send a counter offer letter.
  • When the employer offers you a salary of $120,000, they usually expect you will ask for more.
  • Let’s say you would be happy with $135,000 plus benefits. Say something like: Thank you. I am very interested and can I get back to you shortly?
  • This allows you to evaluate properly and compare to any other offer that you may have.
  • Most likely the employer will appreciate that you need some time.
  • So, this time will allow you to evaluate and to plan your counter offer strategy. Write down the steps.
  • Do not negotiate the base salary and the benefits at the same time. As you will miss out on one of them.
  • Start with the base salary negotiation.
  • Negotiate more benefits after you agree on the base salary.
  • Determine how much to ask for based on your personal circumstances. Whether you have another job offer or if you are currently working.
  • After evaluating your individual circumstances, if your circumstances are favorable, you can ask for a base salary between $148,000 and $154,000.
  • You may decide to go higher or lower, depending on your personal circumstances.
  • In reference to providing a salary negotiation counter offer letter, see my counter offer letter article.

Salary negotiation examples

Once you get to this stage, you need to be decisive. But also show flexibility. So don’t say I won’t accept anything under $155,000.

1st counter offer example

  • You call the employer and counter offer with $148,000
  • The employer increases the offer to $124,000 plus benefits
  • Then you need to evaluate and decide the next step. If you are not sure, you can seek the assistance of a salary negotiation coach like myself. 

2nd counter offer example

  • You call back the employer and counter offer with $148,000.
  • The employer offers $130,000.
  • Then you need to evaluate the situation and decide the next move.

3rd counter offer example

  • You call back and counter offer with $148,000.
  • The employer says they cannot go higher than $120,000.
  • This would be very rare
  • Then you need to evaluate and decide what the best strategy is.

I work with women and men to evaluate these scenarios to achieve the highest package. Also, I assist you in evaluating more complex scenarios. Call me to negotiate the highest salary.

Can you provide a sample salary increase request letter?

  • It is best to negotiate on the phone or in person.
  • To justify why you deserve an increase, you may be asked for a salary increase request letter. This would be the only rare time to justify writing a salary increase request letter. Otherwise, conduct negotiation over the phone or in person.

Counter offer salary negotiation tips

  • Most employers are happy to negotiate the salary package as a whole.
  • You can also negotiate other terms of contract. But only after you cover your base salary and benefits.
  • Do not negotiate everything together. As you will miss out.
  • For example, an employee may negotiate a few extra paid days off.
  • To get you to accept the offer, some managers say they will review your compensation package in 6 months. But they usually only give you a pay raise if your performance is exceptional. And not based on how you would evaluate yourself.
  • So, once you start working, the normal pay raise criteria will apply to you. This includes strict pay raise procedures.
  • Agree on a starting salary that you are happy with before you accept the offer.
  • Instead of sending a counteroffer letter, discuss over the phone.
  • It is much easier to understand how to counteroffer with these salary negotiation examples.
  • You can negotiate a higher salary if you find a job through the hidden job market. As you would be the only candidate.
  • Practice each counteroffer example and salary negotiation examples.
  • Ask for a job offer letter confirming all the details, after the negotiations.

Counter offer negotiation coaching

Let me work with you to help you negotiate a counter offer and terms of contract. For simple step by step coaching. I assist women and men with salary negotiation worldwide. Including clients in Australia, USA, Japan, Canada, UK, Brazil and Germany.

I’ll be adding more counteroffer examples for women and general salary counteroffer samples. In addition to job interview negotiations, house buying negotiation, car buying negotiation and procurement negotiation training.

Check out my resume coaching and job interview coaching. Also, I offer online salary negotiation coaching.

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