Salary increase request letter could be to justify a salary increase.


Salary Increase Request Letter Question

Should I have asked for an increase before accepting more responsibilities? My boss asked me for a salary increase request letter to justify a salary increase. So, can you give me some tips?



  • Negotiate salary before accepting more responsibilities. As you can usually negotiate a higher salary if you negotiate before accepting.
  • Sounds like your boss may want a salary increase request letter to show to his/ her manager. Or he just wants it for the record.
  • In your justification, explain the value you bring to the company and your achievements.
  • We suggest being firm, by using words like: I deserve so and so. Or I want this higher pay because I have earned it and I deserve it”. Also, do not use words like “I’d like” or “I hope” or “I guess”.
  • We also suggest your justification be in bullet points.
  • A salary increase can be in the form of salary packaging. Including a company car, laptop, insurance, cell phone … etc. Discuss all salary options that appeal to you with your employer.
  • Also, have a look at our pay raise tips, as these tips apply here. In addition to counter offer letter.


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Shortly we’ll add a salary increase request letter sample.




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