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The hidden job market includes networking to explore possible job opportunities. Don’t ignore networking in the hidden job market. 

  • By ignoring the unadvertised hidden job market, you are eliminating a large % of possible job opportunities.
  • Explore the hidden job market, in addition to all other different job search methods.


What is the hidden job market and how to tap into it

  • Network, by letting your contacts know that you are looking for a job. Even if they are in a different field or industry.
  • Networking is about building relationships with those who can help you. So, always stay in touch with your contacts.
  • Make and keep good relationships with those you come across. Also, keep their contact details.
  • One of the ways to network is through LinkedIn.
  • Don’t wait to network when you start looking for a job. Instead, network before you start looking for a job. Because you never know when the next time you will be looking for a job.
  • The more you network the better your chances will be. The networking you start today will also be handy for future job searches.
  • Examples of hidden job market networks are previous employers, associates, customers, suppliers and friends.
  • Let your contacts know that you are looking for a job. Give them a copy of your resume.
  • Always follow up with those you network with.
  • Just like cold calling, finding a job through networking may not be as quick as finding an advertised job. But it is more rewarding.
  • After you find and accept the job, contact everyone who helped you to thank them. Do this even if their help didn’t result in a job offer. Your contacts will appreciate that you thanked them.


Advantages of the hidden job market

  • As you progress in your career, your networks will grow and they will help you. For example, a junior manager you work with today could become a CEO in a few years. This CEO may be in a position to hire you.
  • If you contact a company through the hidden job market before they create a position, they may hire you. As the position is not created, it wouldn’t be advertised. This is a major advantage of the hidden job market, as you won’t have any competition.


How to increase your future chances in the hidden job market

  • Maintain contact as you never know when you will be looking for a job again. Maintaining your contact allows you to tap into the hidden job market. Not only when you are looking for a job, but at anytime.
  • Don’t be surprised if you receive a call from one of your networks inviting you to apply for a position.
  • Keep building your contacts so that your network grows. This will give you easier and quicker access to the hidden job market. Also, see cold calling.


If your resume is not up to scratch, then you will be wasting your time! Whether you are searching in the visible or in the hidden job market. So, make sure you have a well written resume, before you start your job search. This will increase your chances of getting invited to more interviews.


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