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Salary negotiation coaching and training to negotiate a higher counter offer. Call me on +61 417 063 668.

How do you negotiate a higher salary?salary negotiation coaching

How do you answer “what is your expected salary” question?

Salary coaching to negotiate the highest salary and to negotiate terms of contract in 2020.

  • Not negotiating $9,000 at the start of your career may not be much. But this can add up to $350,000 over the course of your career. So salary negotiation coaching will help you earn much more.
  • I cover several scenarios during my salary negotiation coaching for women and men. As each person is different. Whether it is to re-negotiate terms of contract or counter offer negotiation.
  • Also salary negotiation coaching includes expected salary answer and pay raise negotiation.
  • Do you wonder why some of your friends earn more than you do? They probably hired a salary coach or a salary negotiation coach.
  • I also help with business negotiation, sales negotiation, procurement negotiation and contract re-negotiation.

18 Reasons to use my salary negotiation coaching and training

  • I go over your personal circumstances with you. Also, I evaluate the rewards and risks. Then, I discuss in simple steps, how high to negotiate.
  • I guide you through the whole salary negotiation process.
  • You have access to my extensive negotiation experience.
  • All discussions are confidential.
  • I help you to achieve the highest salary.
  • Every situation is unique. So I stay with you every step of the salary negotiation process. Also, you don’t have to wait for answers. As I coach and guide you from A to Z. And I discuss different scenarios.
  • I share with you my hiring management experience.
  • The cost of a salary negotiation coach is very low compared to the higher salary earned.
  • Earn $1000s more, by negotiating the salary package.
  • I have assisted women and men at different levels, with salary negotiation coaching.
  • I provide simple step by step salary negotiation coaching and contract negotiation training.
  • My salary negotiation coaching also helps you gain counter offer negotiation skills.
  • Salary negotiating requires training and practice.
  • I train and coach you on how to negotiate your salary. So you don’t lose thousands of dollars.
  • To gain more confidence in the negotiation process.
  • I evaluate the risks and rewards with you.
  • To overcome the fear of rejection.
  • You might not be comfortable with negotiating. Also you may not like the idea of negotiating. Or, you just need my expert help, This includes women and men at different levels.

Is salary negotiation coaching only for managers?

  • No. It is not only for managers. Salary negotiation coaching is for women and men, all levels and all fields. Including CEOs, executives and all staff.
  • The amount negotiated varies depending on the salary.
  • You can also negotiate for lower paying jobs. As it depends more on your expertise and market conditions.
  • If you receive an offer from a competitor, your current employer may offer you a higher counter offer. Regardless of your position.
  • Most employers expect you to negotiate. But most employees don’t.

How does salary negotiation coaching work?

I offer salary negotiation coaching by:

  1. having a face to face consultation or meeting in person.
  2. or by having discussions via phone or video call.
  3. or by communicating online and via email.

What does salary coaching and training include?

Salary negotiation training for a new job

  • Let the company decide to hire you first. Then discuss salary.
  • Negotiate after the company offers you the job. But before accepting the offer.
  • If you have multiple job offers, you will be in an even stronger position to negotiate.

Negotiating a salary increase or pay raise at an existing job

The best times to ask for a salary increase are;

  • After the company announces good financial results.
  • Before next year’s budget.
  • After you have secured a job with a competitor.
  • Once you have successfully completed a major project.

Negotiating a promotion salary

Get rewarded for the extra work that you do. So make sure you negotiate your next promotion pay.

  • I assist you whether you are a CEO, director or at any level. Including for all fields.
  • Also offering group discounts for employer’s redundancy package and goodwill exit package.
  • Assisting clients across Australia. Including in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.
  • Also I help clients with salary negotiation coaching worldwide. Including clients in USA, Japan, UK, Canada and Germany.

Should you hire a salary coach?

  • Yes, if you are not a  negotiation expert. Also, if you want to start earning much more money.
  • The sooner start salary negotiation, the sooner you will earn what you deserve.
  • Most don’t even think about salary coaching.
  • Many don’t like to negotiate at all.
  • Some women and men are not comfortable with the idea at all.
  • A salary negotiation coach helps you to negotiate a higher counter offer and terms of contract.
  • Those who do negotiate know the high rewards.
  • A salary negotiation coach will help, whether:
    • you are not comfortable with negotiation.
    • you don’t like the idea of negotiating.
    • or you just need expert help.
  • Many take additional courses to improve their income. But they avoid negotiating their salary.
  • My salary negotiation coaching includes negotiating a counter offer and re-negotiating terms of contract. In addition to a pay raise and promotion.
  • Helping executives, CEOs and senior managers. Also project managers, engineers and many others across different fields.
  • Do not resign before you have a new job offer. Unless you have to. Also, negotiate with the help of a salary negotiation coach.
  • Try to delay discussing salary at your interview. As this will affect the success of your salary negotiation. So prepare for salary negotiation before attending interviews.
  • Don’t be intimidated by salary negotiation.

My clients also ask for assistance with: 

  • How do I negotiate salary when I have two offers?
  • Should I tell my boss I got a job offer?
  • How do I ask for a second pay raise within 6 months?
  • Should I tell a potential employer that I have another offer?
  • Can I negotiate relocation expenses in addition to salary?
  • How do I ask for a higher salary because I have multiple offers?

Negotiation services

  • I also offer procurement negotiation training and coaching.
  • I also help with business negotiation and sales negotiation.
  • Also, terms of contract negotiation coaching. In addition to negotiation coaching services in general.

Call me on +61 417 063 668 for a free salary negotiation coaching evaluation.

Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.


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