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Strong CV verbs increase the strength of your CV. See a list of strong CV action verbs below. Also use them at the job interview to highlight your achievements.

  • Strong CV verbs are also referred to as keywords and power verbs
  • Use strong CV verbs reasonably. Also ensure that you can justify any statements that you make
  • Replace sentences starting with I with strong CV verbs
  • Use CV verbs to match your skills and experience with the job you are applying for
  • Also, see the link at the bottom of the page, for more CV action verbs

List of strong CV verbs

  • Management, supervision and leadership skills, use executed, improved, increased, oversaw, supervised, managed and prioritized.
  • Communication and people skills, use verbs like initiated, addressed, developed, influenced and negotiated.
  • Technical skills, use words such as assembled, fabricated, operated and programmed.
  • Clerical and administrative skills, use words like arranged, collected, ordered and purchased.
  • Problem solving and development skills use words such as created, designed and improved.
  • Financial skills use words such as audited, budgeted and balanced.
  • Teaching skills use words similar to coached, instructed and persuaded.
  • Helping skills use words such as assisted, guided and volunteered.
  • Research and analytical skills use verbs similar to developed, documented, edited and investigated
  • Creative skills use words similar to customized, invented, originated and revised.
  • General accomplishments, use acted, adapted, addressed, advised, allocated. Also approved, achieved, assessed, budgeted, managed, calculated, designed. In addition to developed, directed, drafted, edited, enabled, encouraged, eliminated and examined.


General strong CV verbs

Executed, founded, generated, guided, initiated, inspected, instructed, introduced, invented. Also maintained, marketed, negotiated, oversaw, persuaded, planned. In addition to produced, projected, promoted, resolved, specified and trained.


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