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Cover letter tips to help you to make a cover letter. Which is your introduction to potential employers. Also a cover letter is your sales pitch to the company you are applying to.


A cover letter is not a summary of your resume. Because it does not replace a resume and it complements your resume.

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Cover Letter Tips

  • Tailor each cover letter for the position. Also tailor it for the company you are applying to. So research the company you are applying to. Also, keep this company info for interview time.
  • Always send a cover letter with every resume submission. No exception.
  • Check job application closing dates and always apply early.
  • Keep the cover letter brief and simple.
  • Use CV action verbs to describe yourself.
  • Each cover letter should have info relevant to the job ad. So, show the skills and expertise that you have that match the job.
  • Address each letter to a specific person. If the person’s name is not in the job ad, call and ask for the name. It will show that you went through the extra trouble.
  • Don’t be fake.
  • Don’t mention negative aspects of yourself..
  • Prepare a general cover letter and edit it for each job.
  • Keep a record to help you remember each cover letter.
  • The boss is only interested in what you can do for them. So keep that in mind when preparing your cover letter.
  • These cover letter tips apply to a cold calling cover letter. In addition to a cover letter responding to an ad.
  • Use these cover letter tips, whether you are a CEO, engineer, childcare worker or doctor.


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