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Post COVID-19 CV tips

Expected salary in 2020

  • If your expected salary is less than the company’s budget, you may miss out on a higher salary.
  • Also, if your expected salary is higher than the company’s budget, they may eliminate you.
  • So try to delay answering the expected salary question, as long as you can.
  • When you do answer this question, indicate that you are negotiable.

COVID-19 virtual interview tips

  • Virtual interview tips for your virtual job interview during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • As a result of COVID-19, most employers are conducting virtual interviews. Including online video interviews and phone interviews.

3 Counter offer examples of salary negotiation

  • Examples of salary negotiation of counter offer and terms of contract.
  • Also salary negotiation includes negotiating your whole salary package.
  • If you don’t negotiate your starting salary, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Not negotiating $8,000 at the start of your career does not sound like much. But it adds up to more than $350,000 over the course of your career.

The hidden job market in 2020

  • This refers to unadvertised and non existing jobs.
  • So tap into the hidden job market by cold calling and networking.
  • As this will increase your chances. And this covers 60 to 80% of all jobs.
  • But most applicants do not pay attention to the hidden job market.
  • As they only rely on online advertised jobs, which are very competitive.

Salary negotiation coaching

  • I work with you to achieve the highest salary. Including salary negotiation of a counter offer and terms of contract. Also includes expected salary and salary negotiation of a pay raise.
  • Since every situation is unique, I stay with you every step of the salary negotiation process. So you don’t have to wait for answers.
  • Do you wonder why some of your friends earn more than you do? Possibly a salary negotiation coach helped them. I assist clients worldwide, including clients in Australia, USA, Germany, Canada, Brazil and Japan.

Simple resume

  • Use this simple resume format to build and write your own resume.
  • Also ensure your resume shows why you are better than the rest.
  • If you do more than what your job title implies, add an explanation. Such as filled in for boss for 9 weeks.
  • Also use bullet points instead of paragraphs. And show time and money saved.
  • Don’t mention expected salary in your resume, unless asked to do so.

Salary increase letter format

  • Could be used to justify a salary increase.
  • Also referred to as a salary negotiation letter and a salary increase request letter.
  • Read in detail the reasons why not to send a salary increase letter, unless asked to do so. The other exception is if you are not comfortable in discussing salary with your employer in person.

Two job offers

  • I have 2 job offers and I don’t know what to do.
  • I like company B more than company A.
  • But company A is offering me a higher salary.
  • Do I accept the offer B? Or do I ask company B to match offer A? Or should I tell company B that I have another job offer and ask for a higher salary?
  • I am not good at salary negotiation.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our comprehensive resource, ASK US. Also call me on+61 417 063 668 to inquire about my services.

Salary negotiation tips

  • Tips for counter offer and terms of contract. Also, how to re-negotiate the highest salary.

Should I send a salary negotiation counter offer letter?

  • It is best to negotiate salary on the phone or in person.
  • You may receive an offer letter. But it’s still best to negotiate on the phone or in person.

Resume action verbs

  • Increase the strength of your resume by using these action verbs.
  • So, use strong resume action verbs to describe your experience and skills.
  • Use verbs like initiated, implemented, coached, negotiated and exceeded.

Cold calling cover letter

  • To be used for cold calling employers in 2020.
  • Also how to inquire about unadvertised and non existing jobs.
  • Attach your cold calling resume to this cold calling cover letter.

Job search tips

  • Job search tips to help you succeed in your job search.
  • Plan your job search. Also, succeeding in a job search is not just a matter of luck or trying again and again.

Job search mistakes

  • Mistakes decrease your chances of succeeding.
  • So, avoid these mistakes to land your dream job quicker.

Jobs and careers by industry

  • Explore jobs and careers in banking, IT, health and engineering.
  • As jobs vary from one location to another.

Job Search Jokes

  • Job search jokes for you to enjoy and to make you laugh.
  • So you can take a break from your job search.
  • Furthermore which joke do you like most?

How to ask for a salary increase

  • There is no standard method for a pay raise.
  • These pay raise tips cover how to negotiate a pay raise.
  • Evaluate what you are worth.
  • Use this as a guide for how much to ask.
  • Make weekly notes of all your achievements.
  • This is one of the best justifications for negotiating a raise.
  • If you are expecting a 10% pay raise, you should ask for 19%.
  • And then negotiate with your boss.
  • Also, you can negotiate a higher pay raise, if it is hard to replace you.
  • I Assist clients across Australia. Including Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. And clients in the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Denmark, UK and worldwide.

  • We’ll be adding online salary negotiation coaching and online resume writing.

  • Email me, to be added to our mailing list for updates.

  • Let me work with you to negotiate a higher salary. Also see my resume writing services to make you stand out from other applicants. And call +61 417 063 668

  • Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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