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Salary negotiation tips for counter offer and terms of contract. Also, how to negotiate the highest salary. Delay salary negotiation until you receive a job offer. Job offer salary negotiation is not an easy task. A salary increase letter or email is not needed in most cases.


Negotiating $8,000 at the start of your career adds up to more than $350,000 over the course of your career. Let me show you how.

salary negotiation tips for counter offer

How to negotiate salary

  • Prepare for job offer salary negotiation. Also, practice several scenarios.
  • Delay disclosing your current salary during the initial interview.
  • If you are earning less than their budget, you may miss out. But if you are earning higher than their budget, they may eliminate you.
  • Let the employer decide to hire you first. Then discuss salary.
  • Always negotiate after you receive the job offer. But before you accept the offer.
  • Be decisive and very serious in your moves.
  • If you have two job offers, you can negotiate even more. However be genuine in your discussions.
  • Show your interest as soon as you receive the offer. But it is best not to answer right away. Let them know that you will get back to them after two hours. Be prepared by going through these  3 examples of counter offer negotiation.


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Job offer salary negotiation tips:

  • Research what you are worth in the market place. And use this as a benchmark.
  • Ask for more than you are expecting and then negotiate.
  • Start with the base salary negotiations. Agree on the base salary. Then start negotiating benefits.
  • Do not negotiate everything at the same time. As you will miss out.
  • Don’t expect to get a high pay raise to make up for a low starting salary.
  • Do not send a counter offer letter. Unless asked to do so.
  • Also, if you are currently working, it is best not to resign. As you will be in a better position to negotiate a higher salary. 


We’ll be adding more salary negotiation tips and how to negotiate. In addition to online salary negotiation coaching.


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