Proof writing is a vital part of the writing process, to ensure your document has a professional image. You’d be surprised at the number of resumes that contain job refernces instead of job references or job referance.


So, even if you are the most qualified applicant for a certain job, if  job refrences, job referances appear anywhere on your job application letters or job application forms, the employer/ recruiter will either eliminate you or place you at the bottom of the list. So always proof write or have someone proof write for you.


  • Your document may have grammar, spelling or structural mistakes.
  • The overall appearance of your document is very important, so ensure there is adequate white space.
  • Ensure you achieve the perfect outcome.
  • Also see resume writing.
  • With online job applications, you also need to be check your grammar & spelling and fill all the required form fields perfectly.


Proof writing services include:

  • We help all your proof writing requirements, including web sites, resumes, CVs (Curriculum Vitaes), cover letters, business letters, memos, reports, advertisements, presentations, contracts, technical reports, essays, application forms & thank you letters.
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  • We offer quick turnaround services. Please let us know your requirement and we will work with you to meet your deadline.


All of our services are personalised, prompt and professional. Our other services include job interview coaching & training and salary negotiation coaching.