Resume posting online ( or resume distribution online) can be done easily & quickly. There are hundreds of sites that post your resume online. Resume posting online makes it easy for employers & recruiters to find you. Start posting your resume with the more popular sites to get the best exposure. 


  • You can use resume posting services if you don’t have the time to post your own resume online yourself.
  • With some services you can fill in your own information and details to create a resume. If you use such a service, make sure you review what will be posted and edit it if necessary, before submitting. It is probably safer & easier to upload your own resume.
  • Resume blasting services will distribute your resume to thousands of recruiters, online job sites, hiring agents, and employers, across different industries and locations.
  • When posting your resume online, your resume needs to be optimized for specific keywords that employers and recruiters search for. You can use your existing resume. Some sites have an online template to upload your resume onto.
  • Don’t include all of your contact name & address when posting your resume online. Replace with “confidential resume”.
  • Make sure you always update your online resume. The same rules apply to your online resume as your regular resume.
  • As posting your resume online will expose you to the whole world, make sure you indicate your geographical preferences and whether you are open to relocation or not.
  • If you currently have a job, your current employer may see your resume online or receive it if you use resume distribution services & realize that you are looking for a job! To avoid this don’t include the name of your current employer & in the body of your resume or cover letter avoid any words or descriptions that would identify you to your employer. Also, don’t use a work email or an email that identifies you to your current employer.
  • If your resume isn’t up to scratch then you will be wasting your time!
  • So, before you post your resume online and before you start your job search, see resume writing services.


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