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Resume writing tips to ensure your resume stands out. Also to clearly demonstrate why you are better than the rest. Your resume is your first step to getting the job that you want.


  • A well written resume can result in getting a high paying job.
  • Everyone’s resume has employment history information. But only resumes that stand out will be selected for interviews.


How to make your resume stand out

  • Your resume must sell all the benefits of your skills.
  • Remove everything that starts with responsibilities and replace with achievements.
  • Your strengths must stand out clearly at the beginning of your resume.
  • Quantify your experience by including numerical figures. Including funds saved, efficiency improved and cost savings. Also use strong action verbs.
  • If you did more than your job title implies, then elaborate more. Such as filled in for my supervisor for 3 months.
  • Highlight your strengths and skills that match the requirements of the job you are applying to.
  • Use the past tense to describe achievements for previously held positions. And use the present tense for your current position
  • Use bullet point sentences instead of paragraphs. This will make it easier to read your resume.


What not to include in your resume and what to avoid

  • Don’t include “Hobbies” in your resume.
  • Avoid mentioning ethnic or religious affiliations.
  • Don’t include current salary details or salary expectations.
  • Avoid abbreviations, even for common words.
  • Don’t include marital status, health, age. Only if asked to do so.
  • Never use “I” or other pronouns to identify yourself.
  • Avoid highlighting in bold except for headings and company names.


More resume writing tips

  • The overall appearance of your resume is very important. So ensure there is adequate white space.
  • Fill in any gaps by inserting any valuable work, courses and training. Including part time student or volunteer,
  • Proofread, as it is imperative to catch all mistakes. Including spelling and grammar mistakes, then correct them.


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