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Counter offer letter frequently asked question. Should I send a counter offer letter? If so, can you add a salary negotiation counter offer letter sample?


  • This is a popular question. Also, many ask for a counter offer letter sample.
  • It depends on a number of factors.
  • A counter offer letter is a written response to a salary offer. Where you ask for a higher figure.
  • You may receive a salary offer via phone or email. Or your boss may ask you to write a letter.
  • Negotiate salary on the phone or in person. Except in rare situations.
  • Even if you want to gain more time, it is still better to negotiate by phone or in person. You can simply ask for more time to evaluate the job offer.

counter offer letter sample, salary negotiation

    • You may receive a job offer letter. But even if you do, it is best to negotiate the job offer on the phone or in person.
    • In rare occasions, your boss may ask you for a counter letter. This could be to justify why you deserve a higher salary. This would be the only justification. Otherwise, negotiate salary negotiations over the phone or in person.
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    Counter offer letter tips

    • Negotiate, so you can achieve the highest counter offer. Also, prepare for job offer salary negotiation.
    • Only send a counter letter if asked to do so.
    • Some are nervous about salary negotiations. Have a look at these examples of counter offer negotiation.
    • After finalizing the counter offer, ask for an official offer letter.


    Shortly, we’ll add a counter offer letter sample. Only use the sample if your boss asks you for a letter.


    When resigning, you may receive a counter offer.


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