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Counteroffer letter question and tips.Counteroffer letter

  • What if I receive a counteroffer letter from my current employer, after receiving an offer from external source?
  • What is the best way to negotiate or counteroffer?
  • Is sending an email better than calling?
  • Can you provide an example?
  • Should I send a salary negotiation counteroffer email?
  • Is making a counter offer in person better than making a counter offer on the phone?
  • Should I include salary requirements in my cover letter?

Best counteroffer letter answer

  • The above salary negotiation email or letter questions are very popular questions.
  • It depends on a number of factors.
  • Many ask for a sample email or example. Also, how to negotiate after receiving an employment offer letter.
  • A counter salary offer email is a written response to an employment offer. Where you ask for a higher figure in response to the offer you receive. Then you conduct salary negotiations. See my salary negotiation examples under the salary negotiation heading/ section.
  • Also, many ask for a salary negotiation counter letter sample. Others ask for a salary negotiation email sample.
  • You may receive an employment offer via phone.
  • It is best to negotiate salary on the phone. Except in rare situations, as explained below.
  • Even if you want to gain more time, it is still best to negotiate by phone. You can simply ask for more time to evaluate the job offer.
  • Also, you may receive an employment offer email. But even if you do, it is best to negotiate the job offer on the phone.
  • In rare occasions, your employer may ask you for a salary negotiation counteroffer email. This could be to justify why you deserve a higher salary. This would be the only case. Otherwise, negotiate salary over the phone.
  • Let me work with you to achieve the highest salary through salary negotiation counteroffer and salary negotiation coaching. As I provide simple step by step salary coaching. Also, I help you to negotiate other benefits. I help clients worldwide. Including clients in the United States, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Japan and UK.

Counteroffer tips for 2024

  • Negotiate, so you can achieve the highest salary. But be ready, by preparing for employment offer salary negotiation.
  • Start with base salary first. Then negotiate other benefits. Do not negotiate everything at the same time. As you would miss out.
  • So, only send a salary negotiation letter or email, if asked to do so.
  • Many are nervous about negotiation and salary negotiation in general. So be prepared by having a look at my 3 negotiation examples.
  • After finalizing the offer, ask for an employment offer letter.

What if I receive a counteroffer from my current employer?

  • Another type of counter offer email is the one you may receive from your current employer.
  • After receiving an external offer and resigning from your current job, you may receive a counteroffer.
  • This will put you in a strong salary negotiation position.
  • Also negotiate with your current employer via phone or in person. As you can gauge their response and react accordingly.
  • Avoid giving the impression that you are going back and forth between the two companies. As this could be risky.

More resources

Shortly, I’ll add a salary negotiation letter example. But only use this example if your employer asks you for a letter or email. 

Check out my salary negotiation coaching services for women and men.

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This article was updated on 4 January 2024.


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