Job search tips

Job search tips to help you succeed. 

What are the best ways to succeed in searching for a job?

Job search tips

Succeeding in a job search is not just a matter of luck or trying again and again.

Job search tips

  • For every job opening, there will be only one successful applicant. While all the rest will be rejected. So you must accept rejection and be willing to move on.
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  • You can ask for the reason you didn’t get a job. But most give out a standard answer, such as there was another more qualified applicant. So I wouldn’t worry about asking about the reason.
  • Once you decide the career path you want, pursue it with passion. Some try something else. Others try something else then return to their original career path at a later date.
  • Depending on your field, it could take several months to get a job. Don’t give up.
  • Show your initiative by following up. But don’t wait by the phone. It can be very frustrating. Also, keep applying until you have a written offer.
  • There will be times when you will be down during your job search. Don’t isolate yourself. Involve family and friends.
  • It is always easier to find a job while you have one. Having an existing job keeps your confidence high and prevents you from panicking. Also, it helps you negotiate a higher starting salary.
  • If you don’t currently have a job, you should be a full-time job seeker.
  • Prepare for certification tests to advance your career.
  • Look into Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

More tips on how to look for a job

  • Cold calling and networking. The more cold calling and networking you do, the quicker you will find the right job. Also read more about this in hidden job market.
  • Cold calling includes knocking on doors and calling via phone.
  • Company web sites
  • Job advertisements
  • LinkedIn: This option allows recruiters and employers to find you. Ensure you protect your privacy by not revealing your personal details. Also, be aware that any sensitive personal information you list would be all over the internet.
  • Professional Associations
  • On-campus recruiting (for about to graduate students and for recent graduates}.
  • Job Fairs
  • Recruiters
  • Employment Agencies
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